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Sudden total death - possible reasons?

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Tue Feb 23 2021, 08:24pm
Joined: Jul 23 2015
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Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk
Our 2.2 Exclusive has twice now gone *totally* dead, not just a weak battery, absolutely nothing. The first time I went with jump leads and it started instantly and was then fine for several months.

It's just done it again. Any ideas anyone?
Wed Feb 24 2021, 03:16pm
Joined: Jul 11 2020
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Location: South West
Are the battery terminals clean and securely clamped?
Thu Feb 25 2021, 11:25am
Joined: Jul 23 2015
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Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk
... and the answer is... A broken battery clip that a garage in France had bodged somewhat. Thus it worked mostly but a couple of times had just flipped off.

Ho hum, often so simple these faults!
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 cruiserphil (01 March 2021)
Thu Feb 25 2021, 11:47am
Joined: Jun 28 2012
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Location: Kalkar
Batteries can be even more temperamental than your C6..
If a battery becomes drained to the point where you can't get the engine started anymore, which means there is less than 60% of the charge left in it, you can recharge it, but mostly it will not reach its maximum capacity again. The reason is that in a deeply discharged battery the lead sulphate tends to crystallise on or near the plates. These crystals cannot be "regenerated" anymore, thus reducing the capacity of your battery. Sometimes it is possible to reclaim at least part of the lost capacity from a deeply discharged battery by using a slow charging cycle, however if a fast charger is used, it mostly does even more damage to the battery.

In the end, the lead sulphate crystals can become big enough to bridge the pole plates resulting in an internal short circuit of one or more of the battery cells, in which case a new battery is due.

Regards, Robert

Ps: Just noticed that the your battery problem was solved, great! Nonetheless, never use a fast charging cycle on a drained battery.
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 cruiserphil (01 March 2021)

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