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3.0HDi. Pretty much immaculate...

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Sat Jan 23 2021, 11:02am
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
I mooted on our Fb Group, a couple of months back, that I was ‘gauging interest’, and possibly putting my lovely French Mistress up for grabs. I had PMs from two hopeful candidates, but one thought he could ‘bid me in the basement’ and buy her for twelve grand. Nope...

The other tentative inquiry proved that purchasing her and then exporting her to south of The Equator was likely to be prohibitively expensive for the family.

I’m getting close to bringing RK59 WVB back to near-factory order; ie, in as good a condition as any of us could find a 3.0HDi — or any C6, for that matter — anywhere in the UK. Jim, The Parts Guy, at Yeoman’s Citroën in Fareham, can testify to what I’ve spent on Citroën Original Parts!

I really want this obsession of mine to go to somebody who is going to love her as much as I do. There’s transferable extended warranty in place until July. I’ve paid out £150-a-quarter for it, but never needed to make a claim.

And I want a lot of money for her. Because she’s worth it.

And because somebody paying £18,000 for a C6 ‘3’ is showing commitment.

It’s believed that there are fewer than twenty five RHD 3.0HDi Sixes in the Northern Hemisphere, so she really is quite “Exclusive”. She was properly prepped and freshly painted, trims and emblems removed, over a twenty-week period in 2020, and completed in August. The entire prep and resulting completion is very much documented on our Fb Group. She then went to my detailer and was lovingly and meticulously detailed over the entire month of September, getting a final ceramic coating in the process.

This C6 — my third — has never really given a moment’s trouble (unlike the first two 2.7s!). I can expound the delights of her maintenance history further, and upon request. Suffice to say that she needs nothing doing to her. She’s just coming up to 105,000 miles, and she’s in lovely order underneath and inside, with only the slightest side bolster wear on the commonly-rubbed entry point of the driver’s seat. The underbody of the C6 is galvanised, but there are the odd places — nuts, bolts, clips, brackets & spot weld sites — where corrosion can start. I have cleaned off and treated everything that I’ve ever spotted during my regular tours of the floor pan.

The timing belts and tensioners were replaced last March, eight months prior to the ten-year recommendation.

I am in the throes of refurbishing the hubs and brakes. Those bits suffer badly from neglect and from road detritus. They’re now completely de-rusted, coated and painted in silver Hammerite Smooth, so they’ll be easy to keep nice. The front disc protectors (back-plates, if you like) were replaced just before I bought her in April 2017, and I’ve just replaced those to the rear, treating them and painting them first (the galv usually breaks down after a few years, but the Hammerite will slow that decline).

I am, this weekend, replacing the gearbox cooler heat exchanger. They have a nasty habit of perforating internally, thus mixing the coolant and the gearbox fluid! David Hallworth and I have had long conversations over this subject, after his experiences with his Pug 407 3.0HDi Coupé and with his now-lovely ex-French leftie that he bought last year and which had suffered the same fate. I’m not taking a chance that the same could happen to mine, so I’ve spent the (ouch) big money!

She should be ready to leave my care in a couple of weeks. I’ll be very sad, but since my breakup with my lovely Tracy, I find it too upsetting to drive the car anymore. Too many memories...

I can be contacted easily enough, either via Facebook Messenger (Steve Edwards / Stevie Edwards), via email (e3steve@msn.com), or on my mobile (07774 460240). Serious prospective buyers only, please.
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Mon Jan 25 2021, 10:09pm
Joined: Jan 21 2013
Member No: #1163
Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
So, after a weekend of chilly grafting, an update on the foregoing thread:

• Whilst under the car I noticed that the r/h suspension strut is exhibiting a degree of LDS mist again. It was an advisory on the MoT inspection in 2019, but not in 2020. I had given the underbody a good blast with the lance when I returned from my ski trip in mid-March, so it obviously wasn’t apparent during the test on April 1st. I’m getting that strut replaced ASAP.

• All four hubs, rotors and callipers now look like new, making the beautiful Atlantique wheels look stunning.

• Gearbox cooler replaced. Nothing wrong with the original one — replacing it was a preventative measure.

• Cooling system drained entirely, and replenished with fresh Glysantin G30 coolant. This was coming up due next month, as I did the same two years ago, mid-Feb. Coolant should be replaced every two years or so; although it maintains its antifreeze properties, the corrosion inhibitors degrade, leaving the alloys inside the system vulnerable.

EOLYS 176 was refilled then also; that was 4,000 miles ago.

• Ditto brake fluid.

• A ten-litre ‘running flush’ of the JWS 3324 gearbox fluid, which was showing to be really nicely red towards the last of the over-the-weir overflow.

• LDS fully changed three years ago, at around 94,000 miles.

• All four doors’ check arms were replaced during the summer of 2017. They’re still notching absolutely perfectly, thanks to my simple modifications which should have been done when all C6s were built — ie: disassembled and applying (brushing) silicone grease to the springs, then sealing the (new) upper spring retaining plates so that water cannot ingress in the first place!

• As previously stated, the timing belts, tensioners and water pump were replaced last March; the oil pump was inspected and confirmed as being the later, modified casting with the strengthened boss into which the camshaft belt tensioner is screwed. The earliest oil pumps were weak castings at this location, whereby they could break off and drop the tensioner, creating tragic consequences! I know, as I helped a chum in Palma put his Discovery 2.7 right after his tensioner let go when the oil pump threaded boss broke off...

• She has on-board WiFi: A few weeks back she underwent my very successful installation of an Alcatel 4G WiFi Hotspot, to which I’ve ‘Over The Air joined’ an Audiocast streamer device that is connected to the Aux RCA ports in the glovebox. My iPhone connects seamlessly to the RT5 Bluetooth for telephony, and also to the hotspot automatically; with this method, it is possible to stream any of my Apple Music content, or YouTube, or BBC Sounds (along with other online radio apps, like Greatest Hits Radio, Smooth, Planet Rock, etc). This completely negates the need for a DAB accessory tuner, and with the phone in a holder, I use Waze for navigation...

• All of the external lighting — with the exception of the side repeaters (and the xenon headlights, obviously) — were converted to high quality LEDs in 2017.

• All four tyres are excellent, with 5-6mm of tread. The ‘Continental’ space-saver spare was new two years ago and is unused.

• The TPMS valves were new (bought from guru member Hattershaun) in 2017. Oh, and they work... She’s never had a puncture, but when I picked her up from the paint shop last August, they hadn’t reflated all the tyres correctly, after bead-breaking them to refinish the Atlantiques, so one reported a puncture, and two showed warnings on the LCD. It turned out that the TPMS valves had gone to sleep, as she’d not been driven anywhere for twenty (yes, 20!) weeks. As soon as the valves woke up, during my drive home, they started sending reports.

• The Abyss Blue paint looks deep enough to swim in, and is just flawless. My preferred bodyshop utilises a low-bake oven, and it shows. There’s not one area of overspray or a single masking line anywhere; I took my time, removing all the brightwork myself, then cleaned it all up over the lockdown period, ready for her ‘refit’. The whole job is pretty much fully documented within the C6owners Facebook group pages.

• I fitted a Citroën / Bosal demountable towing kit in 2018, complete with the Citroën 13-pin Euro-spec electrical hookup. I’ve only towed my little tin trailer with the car, and there is a Westfalia 13-pin to 7-pin adaptor included.

• Citroën Original Parts roof bars included.

• A snow chain kit — unused — included.

• Citroën Original Parts plastic boot mat included.

• Citroën Original Parts carpet over-mats — full width to the rear — are fitted.

• Fully-fitted rubber winter over-mats included — also full coverage to the rear. Perfect for ski trips.

More description of what’s been done will follow in due course, along with a series of images.
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Sat Jan 30 2021, 05:46pm
Joined: Jan 21 2013
Member No: #1163
Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
The actual mileage is circa 104,200 — which is not a huge mileage for a C6, as most of us know. With the 2.7s, the “critical” epoch is, in my experience (and from talking to other owners), 85k-90k; that’s when the poo starts to hit the b l o o d y fan. Thermostat housing - wheel sensors - r/h front strut - EGR valves. The ‘3’ hasn’t hit any of those issues, apart from the front strut, which is common to AMVAR derivatives. 3s don’t suffer many of the 2.7s’ glitches, and 2009> cars are pretty much nicely ‘sorted’ anyway.

The mileage history is publicly available on gov.uk’s MoT History webpage, and it shows last April’s mileage to be 107,301. This is wrong, and I’ve spoken to the test centre’s owner, as he does their tests himself. He’s abjectly apologetic, and he’s said that he can do a re-test, but the incorrect mileage will always remain on the history! He has said that he will provide a document to explain his apparent numeric dyslexia, and that the correct mileage at that time was 103,701. I’m not ‘appy, but there’s nothing I can do about it...

I’m going to publish a series of images, including those from the car’s extensive ’refit’ during 2020, but this this site isn’t happy with posting images via an iPad, so I’ve used ShareIt to get them into a folder on my PC, and I’ll attempt to upload them when I can be bothered (technology just isn’t fit for purpose sometimes!!); I’m too busy faffing with this damned Alf The Spider (Alfa Romeo 939) roof issues just now, and I’m helping a mate out with some electrical and CANbus problems on his 2004 Porsche Cayenne turbo (VW Toerag/Audi Q7 under the skin). What a seriously dreadful snotbox!

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