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passenger window not lifting when closed nor going up/down when window switches pressed - help!

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Mon Dec 14 2020, 01:55pm
Joined: Feb 24 2020
Member No: #4263
Location: Wincanton
Hi everyone. Hoping that someone out there knows how to fix a problem I have with my beloved c6 as of yesterday.

I have a problem with my passenger front window. Yesterday and today it won't move (either when one closes the door) or via the window switch on the passenger door nor on the driver's door. Argh!
Means I hear road noise unless I (gently) lever the window into the place it is supposed to sit when fully closed.
(The window is 'stuck' in its highest position, meaning that when the door is closed it doesn't sit inside the rubber seal, but on it. (Hence why it has to be levered / gently encouraged inside the rubber seal). Hope that makes sense.

I have heard this is a simple fix, either to do with the connections on the A pillar or the window motor.
I am hearing clicking when I press the button on the passengers door, to lower or raise the window, so seems like the button is ok. The electric seat buttons work too, no issues at all.
So I'm guessing it must be either door connections on the A pillar or the motor.

I'm no mechanic, and would have to take the car in to be fixed. Unless it is really simple??

Either way, I need to fix fast as with grim winter weather I don't want any water ingress problems (no garage to park Serge in sadly).

Any ideas? (I live in Somerset - 40 mins from Salisbury, 45 from Bath, 1hr from Exeter and 1hr from Bristol in case that helps with Citroen specialists).

Mon Dec 14 2020, 02:39pm
Joined: Jul 11 2020
Member No: #4417
Location: South West
I don't know the answer to your problem but please be careful you dont't crack the glass when closing the door if it hasn't lowered slightly first
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 Gbjb1972 (14 December 2020)
Mon Dec 14 2020, 04:40pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
Member No: #320
Location: Bedfordshire
I'd try disconnecting the wiring loom from door to car, check for corrosion on the connector pins, spray with electrical cleaner/lube as a first step.
Good luck.
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 Gbjb1972 (14 December 2020) , cruiserphil (15 December 2020)
Mon Dec 14 2020, 05:51pm
Joined: Feb 24 2020
Member No: #4263
Location: Wincanton
Hi - thanks for the replies. Yes, 100%, I am trying to be really careful with the glass. Basically, right now, I am not opening the door at all, at least until I take a look at the A pillar / door wiring loom to check for connection, corrosion, broken wires etc...
The problem started when my daughter exited the car, closed the door, but not properly, so it wasn't fully shut, then quickly opened it again and closed it properly. From then on it won't move, and is stuck in the highest position (the position it is in when fully).

I'm struggling to think of any other reason for the problem to suddenly start.

Very best,

Mon Dec 14 2020, 06:04pm
Joined: Feb 24 2020
Member No: #4263
Location: Wincanton
Any suggestions for an electrical cleaner spray/lube?
Soverign, Carlube and WD40 Fast Drying contact cleaner are all on amazon with speedy delivery. Any of these ok in your opinions?

Thanks very much

Tue Dec 15 2020, 09:20am
Joined: Dec 02 2013
Member No: #1508
Location: Wales
Failing as you describe sounds like a fuse or a confused computer. It is worth disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes to reset the BSI and see if that solves the problem. (Fully lower all of the other windows first to protect the glass and to half the time it takes to recalibrate them)

Good luck
Tue Dec 15 2020, 10:38am
Joined: Dec 19 2010
Member No: #320
Location: Bedfordshire
Another thought, it's possible the micro switch within the door handle has failed, this switch controls the window lowering/raising when the door is opened/closed.
Sun Jan 31 2021, 02:04pm
Joined: Aug 01 2017
Member No: #3227
Location: flintshire
Did you resolve this. Seems like I’ve got the same problem driver side. Gone through all the checks above, so I’m thinking micro switch in door handle. Going to try hair drier to warm handle up, had snow on it for a few days.

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