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C6 Winsdscreen Wiper Arm - I need a new or replacement one. Where can I find one? Help!

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Fri Dec 04 2020, 04:45pm
Joined: Feb 24 2020
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Location: Wincanton
Hi everyone,

I have only posted a couple of times but don't take that to mean I don't love my c6! Its perhaps the most interesting and wonderful car I have ever owned.

My windscreen wiper arm broke this week, on the passenger side. Annoying. I now find that replacement arms seem to be hard to find. Very annoying, and rather concerning.

Does anyone have any ideas or is anyone breaking a c6 and has some windscreen wiper arms I could buy?

Thanks everyone, really appreciate your help in advance, right now I'm in the dog house with my wife and with Xmas approaching I need to sort this out really fast.

Very best, keeping finger's crossed,


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