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New member and opinions on the C6 so far!

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Sun Nov 15 2020, 11:36am
Joined: Nov 04 2020
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Location: Lancashire
I'm a new member and pleased to join the C6 community. Over the decades I've owned most of the Citroens large and small and have always had a soft spot for them because of their sometimes unique engineering and their quirkiness. I have to admit that I'm also partial to the late 90s BMW 7 series which was probably when BMW were at their peak in terms of quality.

Having driven the C6 now for around two weeks I'm glad to be driving a Citroen again but do have some reservations. The C6 is often referred to as a big car or a 'big Citroen' but it just isn't. I'm around 6'3" which isn't ridiculously tall and need to have the front seat right back and even then it's not quite enough. It's fine for short journeys but for the long haul the legroom is just not enough and the smaller BX had more. With the front seats right back there's no room behind for rear passengers which is crazy and derates the car to a two seater if it has tallish people in the front. OK, that does apply to a lot of cars so maybe it's a bit unfair on Citroen but the C6 is definitely not a big car.

I'm finding the suspension 'interesting' and not at all like other Citroens. I have a hydropneumatic C5 estate which seems more positive on the road but feels less Citroen-like than say the XM which I think still takes some beating from a comfort point of view. The C6 is unmistakably a Citroen and floats on good road surfaces but it suffers from its 18" wheels with small profile tyres. With 16" wheels and 'tall' tyres I think the ride would be so much better. With any kind of suspension the comfort starts with the tyres but unfortunately fashion is overriding engineering. The Hydractive 3+ is stunning and there's absolutely no lag in tightening the suspension when cornering; it's almost as if it's predictive!

You can't beat a bit of Citroen quirkiness and it's been good fun so far driving the C6, although I may regret it now I know I need to replace the metal pipe on the cooling system and ponder why none of the heated seats work. I have fathomed out one problem though - it always reminds me that the rear seatbelts aren't fastened and when I look round I can see that there are no rear passengers, so that explains that then....... It could only be a Citroen.
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Sun Nov 15 2020, 05:01pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
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Location: Bergen
You are right. C6 is a compromise built on PSA platform ("extra long" P407 Coupe) smaller than DS and XM, larger than C5 or Audi A6 and smaller than Audi A8. Typical limousine: large outside, but smaller inside. But much better inside room than CX and more practical. High quality interior, seats and general quality. The cooling system has the same problem with brittle plastic and rust as other brands (our 6's made by Ford, Dagenham and used by PSA, Jaguar and L Rover, other brands like BMW have similar problems) For me, it the most comfortable Citroen ever on ordinary roads, but on dramatic road conditions (silent police) and forest it is like other cars, not at all like DS, CX. Engine very advanced and combines power and very low fuel consumption (3.0 Hdi). Mine is 10 years and 200 000km, maybe consider a new round cooling plastic parts, new gear oil and a new oil pump.
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