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Windows not resealing at motorway speeds

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Tue Sep 15 2020, 06:35pm
Joined: Jul 11 2020
Member No: #4417
Location: South West
Both of my front windows don't seem to reseal after being lowered at motorway speeds

Opening the door and closing does the trick, any ideas?

Obviously opening a door at 70mph was done on private land
Tue Sep 15 2020, 06:53pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
They are designed to stop if they are under load (to protect fingers and children). Probaby driving that fast are creating too much wind pressure ??
Wed Sep 16 2020, 10:13pm
Joined: Jun 28 2012
Member No: #922
Location: Kalkar
Hi Marcy,
With the interior fan on medium or high, that is indeed what happens. Turn the fan off, then close the window. That usually works up to around 80 mph. Beyond that, you need to slow down first. Anyway, you're not supposed to do more than 70 mph. I am, but that's beside the point

Regards, Robert
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Sat Sep 19 2020, 03:15pm
Joined: Feb 09 2010
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Location: Oxford
They all do that, sir.
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 cruiserphil (6 Days ago)
Sat Sep 19 2020, 03:27pm
Joined: Jul 11 2020
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Location: South West
I tried the aforementioned fan turn off, works a treat
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