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Learner driver interested in a C6. Advice?

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Thu Jun 25 2020, 09:27am
Joined: Jun 25 2020
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Location: Yorkshire

As stated I'm a leaner driver, and will be going to University next year. I've always been a car person and wanted to drive something unique or interesting yet somewhat affordable, so naturally a C6 is high on my list. My budget is not currently set, although a safe estimate would be £2000 - £3000, maybe £3500 at a push. I am aware this is at the lower end of C6 prices, and after some searches on autotrader and gumtree, would probably get me a 2.7 HDi.

Is there any advice for buying in this price range? What are the specific things I would need to look out for and maintain (considering that as a student, I may not be driving a huge amount)? Perhaps any particular insurance provider that would offer the least eye-watering rate for a student on a C6, or would the cost of insurance be too much for a part time job to maintain?

Advice on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated.
Thu Jun 25 2020, 10:54am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
VED is £550 a year, insurance, well there are to many factors involved, age, experience, location etc. to even hazard a guess I'm afraid.

Grab the number plate details from one of the advertised cars and go onto one of the insurance comparison web sites and input the details assuming that you were just about to buy a car and see what they throw out.
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 IntergalacticBinman (25 June 2020) , cruiserphil (26 June 2020)
Thu Jun 25 2020, 10:55am
Joined: Feb 07 2017
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Location: West London
I would use online insurance comparison websites to get an idea of the cost of insurance first. If the quotes are within your budget then think about buying the car.

But yes the 2.7hdi would be the ones that are most readily available at the moment.

I am not sure who the C6 specialist garage would be around where you live but you could ask, for a fee, for them to join any cars you are interested in.
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 IntergalacticBinman (25 June 2020)
Thu Jun 25 2020, 11:59am
Joined: Jun 25 2020
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Location: Yorkshire
Thanks for the info.

The uni I'm planning on going to is in the city I live in now, and I know its a fairly safe city, so that may help with insurance.

Coincidentally I did some work experience at a garage that specialised in, among other brands, Citroens. They even worked on a C6 while I was there. I'm not sure if they offer that kind of service, but it helps to know that there are specialists in the area who can help if any issues come up.
Thu Jun 25 2020, 05:33pm
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Where about in Yorkshire are you I’m in Huddersfield and my local Citroen dealer looks after mine mostly..
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 IntergalacticBinman (15 July 2020)
Sun Jul 05 2020, 12:07pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
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Location: Wiltshire
I would certainly find an insurance company willing to insure you at a 'reasonable' rate before buying. All C6s are in a very high insurance group - when mine was a company car the insurer placed a restriction on it that only those over 30 could drive it. 2.7s are group 45. By comparison, a C5 X7 can be as low as 18.

That said, one of my fellow students at University drove a Jaguar XJS V12, so it should be possible (although may be prohibitively expensive.)

When I was looking for something unique or interesting yet somewhat affordable, I went for a 2CV, although that was back in the days when you could have your pick for £1,000.

There's plenty of advice on this forum on the bits that fail on 2.7s - I think largely around the cooling system. £3K is a low budget and you would be wise to check all the relevant time-sensitive stuff has been done (belts etc.), the car is in regular use and has been well serviced. There is a significant possibility of buying a money pit.

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 IntergalacticBinman (15 July 2020)

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