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Fuel line C6 2.7 HDI V6 (UHZ)

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Sun May 24 2020, 02:27pm
Joined: Dec 03 2018
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Location: Bayern

After the pre-delivery pressure in front of the diesel filter - should be between 0.5 - 0.6 bar - is only 0.38 bar with this Zitroenen crate, I am considering changing the first stage of the fuel lines from the pre-delivery pump to the first connection point, because in this part there is a connection flow / return with integrated pressure reducer (spare part 1525 PK with regulator).

This pressure reducing valve (regulator) reduces the pressure of the pre-feed pump, which delivers more than 2 bar to this reduced pressure.

Lt. Service documents for SID 201, the vehicle can no longer be started at a pre-delivery pressure of 0.3 and less.

There are 3 connections (flow / return / Eolys) on the pre-feed pump - provided there is no original additional heating.

The next connection point - forward / reverse under the vehicle - is not a problem.

After the feed pump, the lines first go down in a 90 degree bend - and there is the no longer visible connection flow / return with this integrated pressure reducing valve and its holder. This valve also has a connection to the atmosphere - like ??. - and only then in a further 90 degree bend to the front.

Has anyone already removed this pipe section?

If so - the tank has to be lowered - or is there a removable cover - or or ...?

Greetings Wolfgang
Sun May 24 2020, 05:40pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Never had to do anything like that personally but looking at the tech docs there is no procedure listed for that part 1525 PK (that I can find) however in the 'invoicing times' section:


2. REPLACE RUBBER RETURN PIPING TO TANK IN SITU is 3.7 Hours so probably means dropping the tank?

I assume that you have removed the rear seat to get access? (hopefully you don't have a 'lounge pack')

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 cit-rotti (24 May 2020)
Tue May 26 2020, 12:18pm
Joined: Dec 03 2018
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Location: Bayern
... Thanks for the information.
Back seat and access to the pre-feed pump are no problem.
According to my measurements in the "fuel supply pressure", the pressure is always 0.38 bar when the ignition is on, at idle and at higher engine speeds.
My guess is therefore that this pressure reducing valve only works as a bypass but no longer really regulates.

This 2.7 HDI engine with the injection components (SID201) is also installed in the C5 / Analog in the Peugeot.

My question was in the first place - whether the spare part 1525PK can be replaced without lowering the tank - at Certus the thing costs just under € 80 - I own a used one (not tested).
I was hoping that someone else had already done this work and reported about it.
Greetings Wolfgang

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