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Wish List for my 2.2hdi Man

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Fri May 22 2020, 09:00pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
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Location: West London
Hope all are doing as well as can be in the current climate

Maybe the time at home has got me over thinking, but there were a few items I wanted to modify on my 2007 C6 Exclusice 2.2hdi manual.

Really I was looking for a review in case I was going mad, but at the moment, I cannot see myself selling the car and keeping it for a while yet, hence the investment for personal enjoyment. I will put a space between each proposal

Changing the static rear spoiler for deployable one as on the 2.7hdi versions. Having worked and fitted a boot lid from working car, with Robert [BL Autos] he wasn't able to make the spoiler move to service position. So the thoughts moved on to see if there is a separate ECU dedicated for the rear spoiler as the option in the BSI was greyed out so not able to modify the BSI to "see" that there was now a deployable spoiler fitted.

Fitting some more engine bay noise insulation. Only thing that bugs me is the noise at idle, particularly outside the car. Have been told an engine blanket and additional noise insulation between the bonnet and thermal heat shield may help. At £85 I may give this a go.

Changing the RT3 to RT4 radio system, but then installing a touchscreen tablet so that I can think about installing a rear view camera. I got quoted almost £800 for a 360 degree camera system which I politely declined.

Rear mud flaps, if I can source some

Fitting an electric steering column...with a view that I can then activate a function so that the seat and steering column move away when exiting the vehicle.

Changing the current rear section of the exhaust system to mimic the dual exhaust from the 3.0hdi version.

Thank you for reading this and appreciate your thoughts. Even if you think I am going insane!
Sat May 23 2020, 08:08am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Problem 1 with the spoiler is that on the 2.7 not only does the spoiler deploy but the suspension 'lowers' at speed so there is a lot more inter connectivity amongst systems than you may think. With Lexia/Diagbox hooked up you could look and see if the function is available to be 'enabled' some services aren't by default but if it's 'greyed out' then it's not available in your BSI

Sound Insulation should be easy but it is a 4 pot engine and noisier (my old C-Crosser had the same engine)

RT3 to RT4 there is a guide on site.

Mud Flaps, you can find them if you search on Citroen part number 940346 (there are universal ones listed as well so be careful).

Electric steering column, my current 2.7 has a manual one and I really don't miss the electric ones so personally would give that a miss

Twin Exhaust, the boot floor on the 3.0 has a smaller spare wheel 'dish' to accommodate the twin outlet design so not sure how easy that mod is going to be in practice but the 2.2 possibly runs a smaller diameter pipe? not sure on that though without having a car to compare with.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

EDIT: thinking about the 'steering column' overnight the electrical one is part of the seat 'memory' function so that would probably be needed as well but it was only on 'Exclusive' spec cars.
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Sun May 24 2020, 11:26pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
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Location: Wiltshire
As another 2.2 Exclusive Manual owner...

I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the extra sound insulation.

Otherwise, just enjoy the car. I thought about RT4 and all that stuff for a bit, but now I like the CD changer in the boot, and I've got the mudflaps and they don't do much. Put the cash into weekends away (when we are allowed to have them). The 2.2 is a very fine car as it is - I've driven 230,000 miles in mine and still can't find anything else I'd rather be driving.

I've seen the twin exhaust on the 3.0 and I don't think it suits the car. But maybe that's just me.
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Mon May 25 2020, 08:30pm
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Location: Vilnius
I think that dual exausts and the 'newer' mirrors are the worst visual features of the 3.0 HDI models. My guess is that they tried to make it look more aggressive as it was failing to sell.
However, C6 is not at all about being 'aggressive', and the original exaust is just so ellegant and so-C6.

If I had a 2.2, the feature I would be really looking to implement would be AMVAR, but that could prove to be extremely difficult.

To the OP, I really hope you're not adding additional chrome or "V6" emblems to the car.
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Fri May 29 2020, 01:53pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
Member No: #2994
Location: West London
Thanks to all for the updates and words of wisdom. I really love the car as well and for me the 2.2 manual is the best blend of style, cost and economy, I rarely get below 42mpg on mixed driving conditions. Also whilst I like the potential comfort of the Lounge pack, I have found the folding rear seats to be far more convenient. The car is just over 150k miles and drives great [thanks to BL Autos mainly]

Appreciate that styling is a personal objective. Though I will leave the exhaust modification until last. Or may even look to hide the exhaust altogether...somehow, take off the chrome cover and blank off with a black painted metal cover.

The rear spoiler is one that I would still like to pursue just because I like the idea of a deploy able spoiler.

Engine Bay insulation - I am trying noisekiller engine bay kit which is under bonnet and and engine "blanket". I will use a phone app to see if this helps. I will order this in the next day or two

RT3 to RT4 is ongoing, though I have brought the screen cable and RT4 system. Just need to acquire the adaptors/different cables. Though I am weighing up options to see if DAB and/or Android Auto could be retrofitted using the USB addition on the back of the RT4 unit. Maybe use this port for the rear view camera as well. Though I need to speak to someone more knowledgeable on this.

As mine is the Exclusive model, I will still like the electric steering column, though I suspect that the BSI will need to be modified. One for later.

Dave, thanks for the mudflaps part number, something that I will go for.

Front bumper could do with a proper respray I suppose, but not a big concern as yet.

Otherwise, in this furlough period, I have completely detailed the interior, never knew the amount of dirt that can get embedded on leather seats! Not so bothered as yet of the exterior. Previously I had attempted wet sanding, but was very cautious as to not go through the paint, so the end results are not as impressive as I had imagined, but ok for the moment.

Thank you all for your input, will provide updates in the meantime. And no, I have no intentions of additional chrome.
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