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Thu Mar 19 2020, 08:54pm
Joined: Mar 19 2020
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Location: Aldershot
Good evening Chaps

Just bought a C6
2.7HDI Lignage

She was ok until the evening of the day of purchase.

Then I got a "Depollutant system not working" message

So the next day I took her for a long spin and she was very sluggish to start with to the point I actually pulled off of the A31.

But she did start to pick up and after an hours driving I stopped for a break and when I drove her back home she was a different animal. Very responsive and drove well although the message remained.

Next day the message was gone only to return 5 minutes after turning her on and again she was very sluggish then picked up again.

I'm wondering is it just being sat on the dealers forecourt for a month that's upset the old girl.

They would've started her up and moved her just a few feet etc every time so not good really.

Also there is a slight sort of ticking / chattering noise when I turn out of a junction left or right.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated chaps

Lastly should I book her in to BL Autos for a good check over and service? They look like the chaps to go to!!


Le Comte
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 cruiserphil (23 March 2020)
Fri Mar 20 2020, 08:17pm
Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry
Last point first... Yes, get BL Autos to read the codes to find the cause of the depollution fault. I guess it might be a turbo actuator fault but need the codes to be sure.

It's always good to get someone knowledgeable to look over the car for you as it provides some level of reassurance and a service, if due, is a good idea.

last of all
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 LeComtedeGrevaux (24 March 2020)

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