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Rear door window gets stuck in the down position

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Mon Mar 16 2020, 08:54pm
Joined: Mar 26 2018
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Location: Den Bommel
Hello all, I have an issue with one of the rear doors where the window gets stuck in the bottom most position. When I try to raise the window with the switch I get a clunking sound and the glass raises an inch and then goes back down again. If I grip the glass with my hand and lift it up while using the switch the glass sometimes is able to raise. I've opened the door card to see whats happening but it all looks normal to me. The glass is on its sliders, and there doesn't seem to be anything obstructing its movement.
What else can it be?
I look forward to your responses as this forum and its members have helped me many times before
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 cruiserphil (18 March 2020)
Tue Mar 17 2020, 09:10am
Joined: Mar 04 2019
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Location: Halesowen
I have had similar probs with front right!
Firstly make sure door is SHUT! Before using buttons.
Take motor off ,using long nose pliers wind window up and down, feel for obstructions.
Connect motor up but don't fit, with door shut operate buttons and see how motor performs!

Very important !! Watch position of glass!because of micro lift!!
Tue Mar 17 2020, 09:13am
Joined: Sep 09 2011
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Location: Dublin
Hi bigbruggsy,
sounds like the cables might be rusted and about to snap very soon, or the motor gearing for cable guides might be going bad.

Can you see any signs of rusting on the cables? Happened to my C5 driver window. Cable rusted and snapped but slowed and got caught first then broke fully.
Don't use the switch anymore so you damage the little nylon guide whees for the mechanism.

Have a closer look with a torch if you can. Best of luck.
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 cruiserphil (18 March 2020)

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