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Advice On Wheel Tracking

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Tue Feb 18 2020, 10:38am
Joined: Feb 27 2019
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Location: Scotland
My car needs the tracking checked/adjusted and I thought I would ask to see if there are any specific quirks with the C6 in this regard, or can I simply take it anywhere? There's a garage near here that uses the "Hunter Elite" system which looks pretty good, with several positive reviews but if anyone has any recommendations for places in and around Central Scotland, I'd love to hear them.

Tue Feb 18 2020, 03:14pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Some (not all) Kwikfit branches have a dedicated laser rig which I had a previous C6, the old DS and Traction done on and was very accurate and that is the 'Hunter Elite' system so no reason why not to use your local place.

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Mon Feb 24 2020, 03:18pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
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Location: Scotland
I took the car to the place with the Hunter alignment and was met with the standard "it's a Citroen..." He then proceeded to regale me with tales of woe because the C6 has to have about 16 ride heights taken before anything else happens, according to him. However, he did mention twice that they usually look at German makes so I think he just didn't want to do it.

Is there any truth to what he was saying about having to note and possibly adjust the ride heights in order to do the tracking, or was he simply showing reluctance? I'm working on the assumption that this particular garage wasn't interested and I'll take it to my local Kwik-Fit instead, as they have exactly the same wheel alignment machine anyway.
Mon Feb 24 2020, 06:41pm
Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry
Technically you should check the ride height is correct before doing the tracking. However, there are only four points to check and as long as the measurements are within about 6-8mm of spec you should be good to go. This assumes you don't have any suspension errors being reported before you start.

Kwik-fit will check the tracking without checking the ride height as I doubt they are sufficiently knowledgeable! I may be doing them a dis-service but experiences tell me otherwise!!!

And to be fair.. If you are happy with the ride heights front and back just set the tracking at that height! The main thing is to protect your expensive tyres!
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Tue Feb 25 2020, 05:07pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
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Location: Scotland
That's great, thanks. I'm confident the ride height is fine so I'm going to try Kwik-Fit.
Wed Feb 26 2020, 09:37am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello Candide,

I did the tracking recently after changing lower wishbone bushes. The Citroen instructions only require that the normal vehicle height is correct and in that position when measuring/adjusting. I left the ignition on when checking to maintain the correct car height.

Best regards,

Phil C.

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