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Spotted on eBay - Anyone know about this car?

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Author Post
Tue Feb 11 2020, 09:01am
Joined: Feb 11 2020
Member No: #4250
Location: Oxford
Hi All,

First post. Am interested in joining the C6 fraternity. In looking have come across this.

Does anyone know anything about this car?

I have pasted the link here: - Click Here -

Tue Feb 11 2020, 09:15am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
Member No: #1
Location: Northumberland
It's been discussed on the Facebook group page and is supposedly not far from where I live but I have never seen it on the road.

The MOT history (via DVLA MOT check) shows some strange mileage recording and history of suspension issues........

'Low Mileage' isn't a guarantee that the car won't need work and could end up costing several £1,000's to repair.

e.g. Because of it's age alone, it will need the timing belt, water inlet tanks etc. changing if not already done.

There are cars out there albeit with higher mileage that will (for me personally) be a better prospect at half the asking price.

For me, the advert 'blurb' raises real concerns and this one is a case of 'buyer beware'.

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 firstmarket (03 April 2020)
Tue Feb 11 2020, 12:59pm
Joined: Feb 11 2020
Member No: #4250
Location: Oxford
Thanks C6_Dave. I agree it did feel oversold. Just started scanning the market but hope to join the fraternity soon.
David Hallworth   
Tue Feb 11 2020, 05:33pm

Joined: Apr 16 2010
Member No: #90
Location: Glasgow
Personally, for me, that car wouldn't even get a look in due to it's cosmetic changes. I was going to say "enhancements" but couldn't bring myself to type it...
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 FraserG (11 February 2020)
Tue Feb 11 2020, 08:40pm
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
The boot looks like the inside of a coffin.

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