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Odd DPF Fault message. (Not C6, but might apply)

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Sun Dec 29 2019, 04:37pm
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Can't face signing up for yet another forum, so I'm running this past the collective brain power of this one (second to none, obviously !).

Daughter has an 11 plate 207 Hdi and in the course of checking for another issue with the diagnostics box, came across a fault recorded which stated the FAP filter should be replaced as the amount of fluid that had passed through it was in excess of the designed maximum (or words to that effect). Now the odd thing is that there were no other DPF faults recorded. The car has done roundabout 90k, never had the filter replaced and does predominantly open road, good speed running. Ideal DPF survival conditions, I would have thought.

Given there is no managment light on; no limp mode and no apparent deterioration in performance or economy, I'm a bit stumped as to the purpose of this fault message.

I know that when I topped up the fluid on my C6 earlier this year I just couldn't fathom the mystical formula to get the top up warning to disappear and had to get my local MOT place to use their bang up to date, all singing diagnostics kit to get it to disappear. I am wondering therefore if this message on the 207 is the result of some theoretical anomaly in the system ?

Any thoughts most welcome.

Sun Dec 29 2019, 06:42pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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The 'generic' equipment garages use won't let you reset everything on a PSA car despite what they claim.

You really need Lexia/Diagbox which most 'Independent' Pug/CIT garages will have access to as well as Main Dealers

You could try a 'forced regeneration' of the DPF, the process is the same for any PSA diesel with the Eolys system - Click Here -

I should add that my 3.0Hdi use to throw 'risk of DPF blocking' messages using Asda diesel. Switching to Shell cured the issue, go figure......

EDIT: forgot to add that during the winter months the 'anti waxing agents' in diesel can cause all sorts of errors via dirty fuel filters so the cheapest option DIY to sort fuel/ DPF error messages is to change the diesel filter
Sun Dec 29 2019, 11:39pm
Joined: Jun 28 2012
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I'm afraid the diagnosis is probably correct. PSA DPF systems, as also on our beloved C6'es, all use Eolys as an agent to clean (burn free) the DPF at a lower temperature. As always, there is a downside to Eolys... It leaves a metal oxide deposit in the DPF which cannot be burned out. Therefore, depending on whether the accelerator is used as such or as an on/off switch, the DPF needs to be replaced anywhere between 90.000-120.000 miles. The message tells you that the DPF is filled to its max. capacity with the metal oxide from the Eolys. Please read the applicable documents in the technical document section for more detailed info.

Regards, Robert
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 Tjensen (30 December 2019)
Mon Dec 30 2019, 09:49am
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This sounds like it's the 'cinder counter'; however, I'd expect a visit from Aunty Pollution and I'd be inclined to live it until she appears.

Eventually the DPF becomes blocked with residue (not soot) and must be replaced.

There's a counter in the computer to monitor this; it's nothing to do with the differential pressure. The 2.2 implements this as weight of ash, the 2.7 implements it as "percent cinder" (is "weight of additive injected" the (inverse) additive level?).
Wed Jan 01 2020, 09:44am
Joined: Sep 20 2016
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Gentlemen, Many thanks.

Only consolation on a 207 is that the bits are relatively cheap as chips.


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