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Timing Belt Change

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Sun Dec 22 2019, 01:01pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
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Location: Scotland
MGmike wrote ...

Candide wrote ...

MGmike wrote ...

Candide wrote ...

Watching this with interest as my 2.7 needs the timing belt done now too.

Pop around and you can have look at a dead engine on the floor to see how it's done.
I've done two now but both times the engine was out of the car. There's not a lot of room to do it with the engine in the car and you can expect a few scraped knuckles

Thanks, I'd love to have a look to see just what's involved. Let me know when suits best.

It's going to be in the New Year now as time is running a way from me! I'll PM you when we get there... All the best to you and yours, see you on the other side

Thank you and all the best to you too, hopefully see you in the New Year.
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 321dave (22 December 2019)
Mon Dec 23 2019, 10:21am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello David,

If you don't bother with the full locking kit, you can lock the camshafts with 6mm drill bits. But I would get the 'bicycle trouser clip' for the crankshaft pulley. The belt is very long and it's difficult to keep an eye on the belt engagement on the crankshaft pulley while you're working on the top of the engine. Saying that, the Sealey kit is very inexpensive. Mine is on loan at the moment to a Citroen independent!!

Best regards,

Phil C.
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 MGmike (24 December 2019)
Tue Dec 24 2019, 10:48am
Joined: Feb 14 2017
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Location: Tampere
I have 3.0 hdi 2010 and 135 tkm. The belt was changed about month ago. Old belt was quite ok but of course you could see it was worn but not badly.

The actual risk is as my opinion the rubber aging and getting too hard with a possibility to crack.
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 cruiserphil (24 December 2019) , Eric (24 December 2019)
David Hallworth   
Sat Jan 18 2020, 09:42pm

Joined: Apr 16 2010
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Location: Glasgow
The timing belt is now done.

I gave up waiting for the tool to pin the crank to arrive from eBay and ended up making my own.

Anyway, all done and dusted without any issues. The first time I fitted the belt the cams were at the end of the travel so I had to refit the belt and after that it was fine. My own fault for not paying enough attention when fitting the belt.

The most awkward part of the whole thing was getting the bottom bolt out of the aux belt tensioner. Apparently the impeller on the 3.0 water pump is bigger then it is on the 2.7, the 2.7 water pumps fall out whereas the 3.0 one is a swine to get out as it's so tight. It's a plastic impeller too so I was worried about it breaking.

Anyway, the car is now back together and has been running this evening. Wish I hadn't wasted so long waiting for the tool to arrive (2 weeks) as it was a fairly simple job. I'm glad I did it myself and I fairly enjoyed tinkering with it to be honest.

Just got to get the arch liner and undertray back on tomorrow, then get the tyres back on the wheels and balanced. Hopefully I can get finished in time to service the 407 Coupe tomorrow too. The fuel pump belt hasn't arrived yet but am hoping it'll be here this week and then it's finished.
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