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[SOLVED] Mobile deflector faulty

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Tue Jan 21 2020, 02:08pm

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@mixolydian, thanks for posting something we haven't seen before proving we still have a lot to learn about the C6!
Sat Apr 18 2020, 06:59pm
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I had also a deflector stuck totally open. Any sort of lubrication did not help so I had to do remove the whole unit and do complete overhaul.

The problem was not in the hinges but in the gliders that actually does the opening and closing action of the deflector, -they were stuck because of bad lubrication and all kind of dirt that accumulates below the deflector.

You could reach the glider just by taking only the fin itself off (would have been an easy job but the 4 screws that attach the fin to the mechanism were rusted....-so had to take the whole thing out of the boot lid).

Therefore I suggest you should take remove the fin and lubricate the gliders while it is still possible (screws not yet stuck) to avoid the extra work to take everything out and the cost of damaged rubbers in the gliders.

The 4 screws to get the fin loose are visible when the deflector is in 100% open position.

If the rubbers in the gliders are damaged, a new set cost 134 € in Finland, not cheap but still available.
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