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Error P1536 lack of Cruise Control

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Thu Oct 10 2019, 01:15pm

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After sorting out a MAF error the only error which turned out to be a loose hose clip.... I was left with an error: P1536 - Brake pedal switch : Lack of coherence between the two brake switch signals detected on deceleration

This will often point to the Brake Pedal Switch which is also very common on other models in the Citroen range, so as it's a cheap and easy item to swap I did it on my car today after buying part 4534 67 - Click Here - for £26.50

The switch is on the left side of the car behind the glovebox (RHD) and because of a neck issue I found access easier by taking the glovebox out (it's only a few T20 screws.

1st you unclip the plastic panel on the side of the dashboard, then remove 7 screws around the glovebox with a T20 Torx key. 2 are 'hidden' under the rubber glovebox lid rubber stops which just pull off

Then you might find a 'foam' panel covering the switch area (some cars have it, some don't) that simply pulls out.

Drop the glovebox down and unclip the wire to the glovebox light and switch as it's fairly short, then twist the glove box so it stands on the outer edge rather than unclipping the rest of the wiring to it.

Once you see it, you can simply turn the switch anti clockwise and it comes free from the frame, then its a simple job to adjust the new one to match the length of the old one before fitting it with the loom extension which clips to the frame where the switch locates.

There was no 'extension' loom in place so looks like it was the original switch in the car, never updated before.

A new loom comes with the switch and is an extension to the original which must also be fitted and once done, no more error showing

All in it took 30 minutes to take the glovebox out, fit the new switch and loom and refit the glovebox as I have done it before.
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