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Suspension recommendations ?

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Sat Sep 07 2019, 01:30am
Joined: Aug 01 2017
Member No: #3227
Location: flintshire
Hi All,
2005 3.0petrol, 90k miles,
Just had 3 front spheres and fluid changed (at Dave Ashworths Blackpool) and hoping that would be the final piece of the puzzle in bringing the smoothness back. Done a few 1000m now and the front end pitching has improved, but ride quality not significantly, i still feel a side-to-side wobble at speed that wasn’t there 3yrs ago. driving round town is rather torturous! Trying to avoid the bumps.
I haven’t had the suspension/height sensors calibrated yet since changing the front arms and other bushes as necessary last year, so that is one thing to consider. Also considering that one or more of the AVMARs may be sticking or not working. Sense that front back pitching is with the rear, although sphere pressures checked and all 4 within tolerance.
Had a strange one today I’d not noticed previously, in that the rear was up - approx. Mid level - when i came to a stop at a junction - then car then seemed to be sitting high on all corners for a while until i got home, but has since sorted itself out.
Michelin primacy4’s, tyre pressure is correct. Sport mode does reduce the pitch and wobble,
Any similar experiences out there? or anything I can consider checking before heading to a suitable garage to calibrate suspension? I don’t have a lexia btw, but I have not any suspension alerts anyway. Is that significant ?
Thanks in advance for any guidance, or recommendations
Cheers, Dave
Mon Sep 09 2019, 02:13pm
Joined: Dec 11 2009
Member No: #21
Location: Scotland
Hi, this sounds to me like a combination of sticky ride height sensors (the ball linkage may be rusty and need replacement) and wrong ride heights. These both have to be spot on for the suspension to work correctly.
Mon Sep 09 2019, 05:18pm
Joined: Aug 01 2017
Member No: #3227
Location: flintshire
Thanks Gmerry. I'll investigate before going to Rigbyes. Thanks, Dave

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