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2.7 HDI Excessive Fuel Pressure

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Sat Jun 29 2019, 05:54pm
Joined: Aug 28 2017
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Location: Melrose
Anybody experienced this?

Symptoms: overtaking with full throttle, car cuts out momentarily at or near full boost (quite an abrupt loss of power), then returns to normal over the next minute or so.

Brings up a de-pollution fault which persists for about 24 hours (or perhaps until the car has properly "gone to sleep"?).

Diagnostics say excessive fuel rail pressure single occurrence (code 1166 - I will check again?) - car is otherwise fine.

I couldn't find anything on this forum, although Google turned up similar (though rare/isolated) incidents with C5.

Iain M
Sun Jun 30 2019, 02:19am
Joined: Jan 22 2011
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Location: Paradera
Yep, caused by dirt in the diesel pump inlet (the one under the hood). Ended up replacing it.
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Sun Jun 30 2019, 03:18pm

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Just to confirm Travilcans post, here is the related error document (available in Tech Docs but you need to download and unzip)

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Sun Jun 30 2019, 03:49pm
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Have you changed out the DIESEL filter in time (more often then prescribed).
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 cruiserphil (01 July 2019)

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