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Roccastrada polished rims

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Sun May 26 2019, 02:47pm
Joined: Oct 23 2016
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Location: lichtenburg
Hi everyone.

I just have a question, the polished Roccastrada wheels are as it looks quite rare. Was it an option only certain years? What is the history of them between the normal Roccastrada and the polished version?

Thanks in advance.
Thu Jul 04 2019, 08:59am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
I've never seen 'polished' wheels on a UK C6, nor have I seen them in any of the C6 sales Brochures?
Thu Jul 04 2019, 01:10pm

Joined: Apr 12 2010
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Location: Penwortham
I've seen pictures of 'polished' Roccostrada's but I believe they were done by the vehicle owner, As far as I'm aware they weren't an option anywhere.
Fri Jul 05 2019, 08:45pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire
They were fitted to some cars from the factory, my Mativoire Beige 2009 car had them & I've seen other C6 with them.
The part number is shown in Citroën Service.
I've no recollection of ever seeing reference to them in the brochures though.
So, it's a bit of a mystery as to which cars got them.

Fri Jul 05 2019, 08:51pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire
Item Number 2, part number 5402 X1. 'Diamond Cut'
My screenshot from Citroën Service doesn't want to attach to this message!

ADMIN EDIT: attached for you Shaun

Never knew they existed but are listed as from RPO 10725 and in the UK are £352 each....... probably why you don't see many!
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 cruiserphil (08 July 2019)
Wed Jul 17 2019, 03:58pm
Joined: Oct 23 2016
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Location: lichtenburg
That is quite a price per rim!

I wonder if a proper rim refurbisher might be able to "diamond cut" it to give it that finish... Might not be a good option on winter British roads though....

A darker colour C6 looks magnificent with the diamond cut wheels IMO

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