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C6 Sidelamp (Sidelight) Bulb Replacement.

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Sun Apr 21 2019, 02:39pm
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I probably just couldn't see it, but I looked in vain for anything on changing the sidelamp bulb in the upper part of the headlamp.So for anyone else looking ----

Bonnet up and head for the piece of filler trim that bridges the gap between the headlamp and the center top plastic cover panel (the one the bonnet latch pops up through. Pull up and lay to one side the bonnet weatherstrip. Remove the retaining clips (prise up the oblong central portion of the clips, then pull or prise the outer edge of the clips). Reove the trim piece.

You will now see the round access cover. Pull the cover off (straight pull; not a twist fit). You will then see a white lever just inside the lamp aperture. Twist anti- clockwise and hey presto -- out comes the bulb and holder. NOTE -- the bulb holder is located sideways in the reflector, so the twisting motion on the lever is parallel to the wing, not parallel to the front panel. (No prizes for guessing how I found out).

I believe ther are at least two makes of lamp used; I have no idea which mine is, but be aware your may be different.

First photo shows lamp with cover removed. The white cable runnng midway across the aperture is running up to the sidelamp holder. Second photo is of the general area.

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