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First Impressions

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Sat Mar 30 2019, 01:40pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
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Location: Scotland
I'm only 4 days into ownership of this beautiful machine but I thought I would write down my impressions so far, partly as a form of automotive diary, partly to give other newbies and potential buyers some helpful info.

I travelled some distance to see this car which meant that the drive back was over 400 miles, plenty of time and distance to get some basic familiarity with this machine.

The seats are extremely comfortable and the electronic adjustments make it easy to find the right position. Visibility is superb all round and the famous "magic carpet ride" is like nothing else on the road. My old GS had a similar ride, as did my Xantia but I think that the weight of the C6 adds to the experience. It seems more planted and less susceptible to minor road imperfections. I try to avoid large potholes anyway but it copes well on the smaller ones that are unavoidable.

The equipment is comprehensive, the dash and HUD readouts are perfectly placed and the sound system is adequate although this will be one of the first things that I will be looking to improve. The only slight fault here, the offside rear window works only from its own switch, not the driver's switch. The heated seats seem to be inoperable too but I don't like these things anyway so I'd only fix them if absolutely necessary.

The engine runs like a top and has that feeling of a "happy" engine, with no undue knocks or rattles. The gearbox too seems fine, changing up and down without hesitation and kickdown is quick and effective.

The interior is a lovely place to be although there are some faults here: the rear electric seat adjustments do not work, the rear "chauffeur" button does not work, the rear heated seats do not work. These are not critical faults and they can wait until I get around to looking at them. A previous owner was obviously a smoker so the leather needs cleaned but again, this is not a critical thing and I can wait until the car is fully and professionally detailed.

The exterior seems almost flawless, given that this car is now 12 years old. There are some stone chips on the bonnet, as one would expect, but overall the car is extremely clean. It could do with a proper detailing which is something that is on the list of "things to do".

The suspension seems to behave as it should, reaching all positions quickly and without any extraneous noises and the spoiler also behaves as it should. The steering is wonderful, very light at low speeds but stiffening up as speed increases - this seems like the best way to provide steering in any car, particularly something the size of the C6.

Well, that's it so far - which is less than a week - but I'm so excited to own one of these that I couldn't wait to wax lyrical about it! I will be posting the faults separately, as and when I have the time to look at them.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting more about my car in the future.

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 cruiserphil (01 April 2019)
Sat Mar 30 2019, 01:55pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
UPDATE: I thought it may be helpful to post some figures here: my return journey totalled 445 miles. According to the car's computer, that distance was covered whilst providing 43mpg, however, I filled the tank when I got home and worked it out the "old-school" way. This returned a figure of 38mpg. The driving was very mixed as I came up the Al and included short stretches of traffic jam, long stretches of clear but "average speed" roads and some quick bursts of speed when the opportunity presented itself. I wasn't going to give the car a hard time on its first journey and I'm fairly pleased with the results. Now I'll be keeping an eye on the consumption for my daily running of the car.
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Fri Apr 05 2019, 02:44pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
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Location: Wiltshire
Good colour combination. I love the brown leather - always felt it was a real shame that so few cars have it.
Sat Apr 06 2019, 10:13am
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
Dan595 wrote ...

Good colour combination. I love the brown leather - always felt it was a real shame that so few cars have it.

Me too, in fact, I was even considering buying a car from mainland Europe so that I could get this colour of leather!

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