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Looking For Info On GF55 YOH

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Fri Mar 08 2019, 01:24pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
This car has been on sale for a while now and it looks pretty decent. The price has dropped several times and I'm wondering why it hasn't sold. The only reason I can see is that DIY trim on the centre console, which I really don't like, but I'm wondering whether it would come off easily and cleanly because it otherwise looks like a sorted vehicle.

If you have any info on this car I'd be grateful to hear it.
Sat Mar 09 2019, 12:20am
Joined: Mar 08 2010
Member No: #65
Location: Northumberland
I don't know the car but if that's the original reg number you can save over £200 a year on road tax, which would probably pay for a replacement bit of trim.


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