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Just about to buy.

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Sun Feb 24 2019, 06:24pm
Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry
the Wolsey House car has had a bit of maintenance work done which you would be well advised to carry out on any purchase e.g gearbox oil change £300 ish, coolant pipe if it's been changed £500 ish, wheel refurb £200ish. These clearly account for some of the difference but, as you say, £2000 is a lot of garage time which a bad C6 will eat through like a lion let loose in a butchers shop.

The biggest things for me would be has the thermostat, coolant inlet manifold and timing belts been changed and has it had a low coolant alarm fitted?

Good hunting
Sun Feb 24 2019, 06:26pm
Joined: Sep 09 2011
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Location: Dublin
Tonkerdog wrote ...

Just one more question folks, and I listened to your advice as to where to buy a C6 from. I’ve seen a few cars I want and as usual being a novice I’ve just got autotrader and Ebay to look at.

The garage you all sudgested sells what I’m looking for at £6,500, and I’ve seen similar and in the colour I want at £4,500 on a forecourt. Similar mileage, full service history.

Now I accept extra work could have been done by said garage, but £2,000 can buy me a lot of garage work.

This is the non Wolsey House Motors.

- Click Here -

I’ve only posted this link so as to gain your advice on it.

This is the Wolsey House model.

- Click Here -

Not a bad colour by any means, but it is a third more expensive! Now I have the money but having £2,000 in the mechanical fund would really help. Any ideas folks

If I’ve broken any rules I’m sorry about that, but please understand it’s done so just to attain advice.

Thanks in advance


Hi Chris,
I bought a similar C6 myself nearly 5yrs ago now to the blue/Mauritius one. And just by looking at the photos I can see the Wolsey hse C6 appears to me to be in better condition overall. That's a bit subjective I know, but I've had mine about 4yrs since coolant pipes were replaced and it's been great for me, but I'm guessing (could be wrong) the original coolant pipes (serious weak spot as you probably know now after reading up on the forum) are all still in the cheaper one! Your best to check both for this weakness and buy the one with some or all replaced. That's what I would suggest unless you wanted a certain colour combo.
Best of luck regardless which car you go for.
Sun Feb 24 2019, 06:54pm
Joined: Feb 22 2019
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Location: Evesham
That’s really good advice, thank you. Very nice forum.
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 321dave (25 February 2019)
Mon Feb 25 2019, 12:41am
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
Nice looking cars. I have one the same as the Wolsey House model except with the electric roof. I also have the folding rear seat which I like/need occasionally. I like the light coloured apolstery also as the ambience gets a bit dark in the grey or black interiors for me. Nice problem to have. They both look good so it would come down to service history for my peace of mind. I wish mine looked quite as mint as these two appear. Good luck.
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 Tonkerdog (25 February 2019) , cruiserphil (27 February 2019)
Mon Feb 25 2019, 10:12am
Joined: Mar 08 2010
Member No: #65
Location: Northumberland
I clicked on your link for the Wolsey House car and noticed that he still has the 'Exclusive Spec' Lignage in Deep Red for sale. I made the almost 600 mile round trip down to Diss to look at that in early September. I would have bought it except it doesn't have RT4/SatNav, which was one of my requirements. I ended up with a Deep Red Exclusive in a private sale a month later.

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 Tonkerdog (25 February 2019)
Mon Feb 25 2019, 06:05pm
Joined: Feb 22 2019
Member No: #3836
Location: Evesham
Payed my £500 deposit today, and he’s going to deliver it 2 weeks. Can’t wait. Thanks everyone.

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 321dave (26 February 2019) , cruiserphil (27 February 2019) , e3steve (19 March 2019)
Wed Feb 27 2019, 10:28am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge
Many happy miles Tonkerdog.

The forum is always here to help.

Best regards,

Phil C.
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 Tonkerdog (27 February 2019)
Mon Mar 18 2019, 05:57pm
Joined: Feb 22 2019
Member No: #3836
Location: Evesham
Well I picked it up Friday, and so far it’s all going brilliantly. Waited a few weeks for Dan to finish the car, and apart from a broken window which he’s going to replace, my wife is chuffed.
Mon Mar 18 2019, 06:00pm
Joined: Feb 22 2019
Member No: #3836
Location: Evesham
Couldn’t post pic
Tue Mar 19 2019, 06:26pm
Joined: Dec 14 2014
Member No: #1975
Location: Auckland
Tonkerdog wrote ...

Couldn’t post pic

You gotta upload to an imaging hosting site, then link them.
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 FraserG (20 March 2019) , Tonkerdog (20 March 2019)
Fri Apr 19 2019, 08:15pm
Joined: Feb 22 2019
Member No: #3836
Location: Evesham
Hi folks, just a bit of a sad update. I followed the advice and went to a garage recommended on these pages.

1 month on I’ve got...

ABS failure
SATNAV failure
AIRCON failure even though I’ve spent £70 topping it up as it arrived without any gas in it.

I messaged the dealer last week and I’ve heard nothing. Tonight I’ve emailed again with all the new faults.

I’m aware these aren’t the most reliable cars and funding some expensive maintenance is part of ownership. BUT, considering I spent way above retail for a bit of peace of mind, I don’t think I’m being too delicate. What do you think?

Other than all of that, we love it.
Sat Apr 20 2019, 07:16am
Joined: Dec 23 2015
Member No: #2448
Location: Roosendaal
I guess besides peace of mind you also got some warranty?

Of might be less severe then you currently think. Abs, parking brake and cruise control might have 1 underlying fault which could be as simple as an abs sensor. Could be, not certainly of course.
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 Tonkerdog (20 April 2019) , ul9601 (20 April 2019)
Sat Apr 20 2019, 07:52am
Joined: Feb 22 2019
Member No: #3836
Location: Evesham
Yes I’m aware that could be the case, and hopefully it is.

Warranty or not, the rules about what dealers are legally bound to fix etc are very clear. Anyway my comprehensive list was only sent last night, so it needs reasonable time to see.
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 cruiserphil (26 April 2019)
Thu Apr 25 2019, 04:42pm
Joined: Feb 22 2019
Member No: #3836
Location: Evesham
As an update. The garage did promptly respond to my email, organised the car to be picked up and fixed all the faults and a few I didn’t know had developed.

Well done Wolsey House Motors.
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 FraserG (25 April 2019)
Thu Apr 25 2019, 05:01pm
Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
Reputation in everything and social media can destroy a business very quickly.

Well done WHM and well done you for posting your positive experience when staying silent would have been the easy option.

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 Tonkerdog (27 April 2019)
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