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What is it?

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Sun Feb 10 2019, 02:43pm
Joined: Apr 15 2018
Member No: #3497
Location: Vilnius
Hi, I recently bought a C6 3.0 hdi car and found a small button and switch. Maybe you have an idea what is it?
Tue Feb 12 2019, 07:22am
Joined: Sep 06 2017
Member No: #3261
Location: Byroslavia, FIN
Its a aftermarket switch that can be almost anything. If you would live here in north I would assume its a switch for CAN-bus for the heater panel -> aftermarket aux-heater has to cut power from it to allow air blower to work when can is shut down (pre-heating). But as you live more to the south I say its for the secondary high beam lamps on the front?

I have just the same button (on the trunk though) for the automatic spoiler, it must be shut down on winter time (1-5cm of ice on top of it many times).
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 cruiserphil (12 February 2019)
Tue Feb 12 2019, 10:40am
Joined: Apr 15 2018
Member No: #3497
Location: Vilnius
Thank you joopajaa. The car came from the north of France. What do you have in mind "aux- heater" - webasto or similar?

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