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Doors - removal & refitting

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Fri Jan 25 2019, 02:15pm
Joined: May 30 2015
Member No: #2185
Location: Surrey
Oh dear, I've managed to dent the two doors on the LH of my car.

Does anyone have any experience of removing / refitting doors and any tips/techniques to offer concerning the process?

In particular, I'm keen to get an idea of
* if it's easy to release the door stay from its pillar - looks like you just pull back the rubber boot and release a couple of TORX screws.
* how heavy the doors are. Front? Back? 1 or 2-man job?
* how best to support the doors when removing/refitting
* how easy it is, when refitting, to align and replace the hinge pins

With thanks, Eric
Wed Jun 12 2019, 06:25am
Joined: Aug 14 2014
Member No: #1821
Location: Vilnius
No one bothered to reply.
Wed Jun 12 2019, 02:14pm
Joined: Sep 09 2011
Member No: #614
Location: Dublin
Paulius wrote ...

No one bothered to reply.

Hi Paulius,
are you referring to the last post? or had you a question? Pity, if I had noticed the subject, I would have replied sooner. I must of missed it a few month back.


I was wondering about the door issue myself, as I have always had a misaligned rear or possibly front door issue and it is strangely out at the bottom like a tired mechanic fitted it on his own(not easy I think unless you're equipped with special trolleys.

Sun Jun 23 2019, 12:53pm
Joined: Aug 14 2014
Member No: #1821
Location: Vilnius
Well, I have a similar problem - someone bend my two doors. My idea is that perhaps just changing the doors out of a parted out C6 (without disasembling them - with speakers, glass and all) of the same colour could be easier than doing the paintjob.

For me it seems that it shouldn't be too hard to remove the doors themselves. What I am concerned with is whether everything's gonna work without some sort of 'repairing'. For example, front passenger's side door - is it enough to just connect it up, and all of the seat/window controls would just work?
Mon Jun 24 2019, 02:19pm
Joined: May 30 2015
Member No: #2185
Location: Surrey
In my case I considered the job too difficult/strenuous for 1 person. So I acquired two doors, in the correct colour, from a breakers. Often the breakers will have stripped the interior glass, panels, motors etc. I took the car and the doors to B L Autos and they changed them over quite quickly including all of the ancillaries. I appreciate, Paulius, that this is not possible for you since you are some distance away, in Vilnius! I got the impression that it was a simple case of just unplug/re-plug the electrics for the doors - but I'm not 100% certain. Eric
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 cruiserphil (24 June 2019)
Mon Jun 24 2019, 05:30pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello Paulius,

I remember changing an XM driver's door. Like Eric (Softweedfactor) I got a door from a breaker which was stripped of fittings. This made the door light and easy to handle. I took off the original door with everything on it and it was very heavy. So if you don't have assistance, it would be better to strip the doors of heavy items before removing and fitting.

Best regards,

Phil .
Mon Jul 01 2019, 02:11pm
Joined: Apr 03 2016
Member No: #2584
Location: Kildare

In Ireland we have a solid fuel (compressed peat) in a bale and I have found that 2 bales side by side with a second row on top is usually perfect for taking doors off cars! And they are handy in that the have a ridge that I can line up with the door and let it sit in. I've put/taken numerous doors on/off cars and it makes the job a lot easier.
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