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Nearly bought a C6 this morning... but I didn't

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Sat Jan 19 2019, 04:40pm
Joined: Jan 19 2019
Member No: #3803
Location: South Wales
Hi all,

Newbie here with a short story and a question at the end.

I like cars that are a bit off-the-cuff and unusual to see on the road. I started off in Alfas and currently drive a Rover 75 (possibly youngest 75 driver at 26?)
I've long admired the C6 and browse listings now and then but never thought it a reality until I spotted a high mileage 2.7 in Coventry on ebay listed for £2499.

So this morning I was showered, dressed and ready to make the journey from Cardiff to Coventry to take a look but decided it was too much of a risk - there MUST be something wrong with it at that price.

If anybody is curious, the listing is here

The listing looks good, lots of main dealer service history, cambelt done, condition looks nice. Seller describes the mechanical aspects as being excellent, so why shouldn't I go for it?

I was wondering if anybody on these fine forums had been to view it and seen anything glaringly obvious wrong with it? It appears it's been for sale since late December.

My 75 has been good to me and, counter to popular belief, absolutely rock solid and never let me down. Plus it's relatively cheap to run and easy to work on.
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Sat Jan 19 2019, 11:40pm
Joined: Mar 08 2010
Member No: #65
Location: Northumberland
It has one good thing going for it - the VED is only £315 a year instead of £540.
Sun Jan 20 2019, 10:14am
Joined: Nov 26 2010
Member No: #299
Location: Wiltshire
Not been to see it. MoT history looks okay. The tax level is a significant bonus, as verycleverman notes.

It doesn't look particularly cheap to me - although they are fantastic cars, how many people would drop £2.5k on a 12/13 year old big Citroen that has 150,000 miles on the clock? Possibly better value cars around £4k/under or around 100k miles (almost all higher tax though).
Wed Jan 23 2019, 08:27pm
Joined: Jan 13 2019
Member No: #3798
Location: Deal, Kent
Have to say this one caught my eye as well. It’s been listed for a little while now and if it weee a bit closer I’d be taking a look. If you do take the plunge let us know how you get on.

Incidentally I’ve had three Rover 75s over the years, great cars.
Thu Jan 24 2019, 05:43pm
Joined: Sep 26 2017
Member No: #3281
Location: COVENTRY
I'm in Coventry.

I'm no expert but happy go kick the tyres and give an opinion if required.
Fri Feb 01 2019, 12:36pm
Joined: Jan 19 2019
Member No: #3803
Location: South Wales
Teffers wrote ...

I'm in Coventry.

I'm no expert but happy go kick the tyres and give an opinion if required.

Thanks for the offer but don't put yourself out for my sake.
I have decided to go with my head rather than my heart on this one and give it a miss.

I don't see how such a lovely car (high mileage aside) has been sat unpurchased for so long at that price. Just doesn't feel right.

Shockingly, my Rovers have been too reliable especially in this cold weather - I can't justify getting rid!


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