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Sun shades

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Fri Sep 21 2018, 03:37pm
Joined: Jun 14 2016
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Location: Sofia
Hi friends
Can someone recommend a sun shades for back doors which can fit nice on C6. It is difficult for a car without door frames and I am not a fan of suction cups, but I guess I should deal with it...
Sun Sep 23 2018, 08:23pm
Joined: Apr 10 2016
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Location: London
went through this as well as I have child, but don't want to tint the windows as I feel it spoils the look.

In the end I went for these roller blinds from Halfords.
- Click Here -

I don't stick the bottom sucker so I can still put the Window down if needed. Although occasionally forget to stop it going all the way down and it pops off pretty easily without damaging the door. Doesn't go the whole length of the window but about 80%.

If you don't need to put the window down then regular stick on shades.

If you find a better solution I'd love to know!
Mon Sep 24 2018, 11:19pm
Joined: Feb 06 2011
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Location: Huddersfield
Hi, mine has tinted rear windows it is the exclusive model and they look very good also it stops people looking in I don't know if they were factory fitted or a aftermarket fitment as I have seen other C6s fitted with the same windows.
Tue Sep 25 2018, 02:44am
Joined: Dec 14 2014
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Location: Auckland
There is a factory option called privacy pack (I think) that has very dark tint on rear glasses only. Personally it looks terrible as there is massive contrast with non-tinted front glasses. (obviously you can't have fronts tinted due to legal reasons)
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Tue Sep 25 2018, 09:12am
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Privacy Glass. A pet hate of mine! I’m neither a drug dealer nor an overpaid ball-kicker...
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Wed Sep 26 2018, 05:22pm
Joined: Feb 06 2011
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Location: Huddersfield
The front windows are not clear but also have a slight tint only the front windscreen cannot be tinted to a great degree

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