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2.7 hdi engine knocking noise when warm

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Wed Nov 28 2018, 11:34am
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Hello everyone. I was searching for similar issues. I have a C5 3.0Hdi. I have had replaced engine few years ago (at 120kkm), with a very much the same sound as the creator of this thread Rabenson. When cold, the engine was quiet, when warmed it rattled very much the same. The result was a loose crankshaft with a large amount of axial movement. That was diagnosed by having a pulley cover damaged by a pulley and then we removed the oil sump bottom cover to see the internals and tried to move the crankshaft and there was quite an axial movement. I guess it was the bearing issue or so. I was not doing any highway speeding or so, I never ran the car more than like 180km/h for a short period of time and I almost never used sport mode, just very occasionally for quick overtake. So the dealer replaced the whole engine. Fortunately the car was insured.

Now 4 years later and around 80kkm after, the engine is having a ticking/tapping sound when it warms up. Sort of very similar to Paulius. I was thinking it's an injector issue, but it is noticable even going down the hill without any power applied so it's not. I can hear that inside the car with no radio. Not really sure if this is related to cams or the crankshaft is again going loose. It does not sound that bad from outside, but I noticed that because few months before, the car had just a perfect clean sound compared to now.
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