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max. RPM about 3000.

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Thu Jul 05 2018, 05:42pm
Joined: Mar 25 2014
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Location: east yorks
My c6 2.7HDi, Lignage, '58 plate (and manufacture), 80,782 miles, has recently come back from my local cit. garage at driffield after a quite ext(p)ensive set of repairs etc. including new timing belt, new alternator/water pump belt, new front discs and pads, new front hubs/hub carriers, track rod ends, ABS sensors, complete new plastic thermostat housing, front suspension hydraulic supply pipe replaced, all necessary fluids, interim service, replaced C.V boot, front n.s; wheel alignment, mot etc. etc.

Now I am finding a "hesitancy" in gear changes (Automatic), a very lethargic rate of progress, and an unwillingness and inability for the engine to achieve 3000 RPM.

I would appreciate any guidance or pointers as to where the problem may lie before embarking on another costly contribution to the garages' retirement pot.

n.b no messages on the dashboard for a clue.

regards, meliskay.
Thu Jul 05 2018, 06:13pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Limiting at 3,000 rpm is usually a sign that the car has gone into 'limp' mode to protect the engine because of a fault.

The repairs at your CIT Dealer (Broach Hill?) should be covered under repair warranty (12 month on parts and 6 months on labour IIRC) so give them a call.
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 meliskay72 (3 Days ago)
Mon Jul 09 2018, 08:54am
Joined: Jun 28 2012
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Location: Kalkar
Since your timing belt was changed, the very first thing to check is whether the valve timing is correct!! It wouldn't be the first time that a timing belt change resulted in a ruined engine. In both cases I know of, the garage doing the change (Cit dealer workshops!) didn't use the required Cit tools to do the job... They simply didn't have them available...

Regards, Robert
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 meliskay72 (3 Days ago)
Tue Jul 10 2018, 07:20am
Joined: May 22 2018
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Location: Budapest
I had the same problem, and the root cause was weak fuel pressure
I changed the belt for the high pressure pump
Seems to be OK for now
Try to read error codes, may be there is P0193 and/or P1164
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 meliskay72 (3 Days ago)
Thu Jul 12 2018, 05:49pm
Joined: Mar 25 2014
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Location: east yorks
I spoke to Neill @ Broach Hill about the problem now extant with GF58OUG since its various works, about a week ago. They were (as always), extremely busy, but I arranged to take the car in yesterday, Wednesday. I was advised that they would try to "get on it" yesterday afternoon or this morning, and would phone me with any findings. So far nothing heard, although I have a courtesy car from them (18.40 hrs.) There will be more to follow.
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 cruiserphil (3 Days ago)

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