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Creaking, groaning or knocking noises from the front of a C6?

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Fri Apr 20 2018, 06:26pm

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Recently my 6 has been emitting 'creaking' and knocking sounds which could be felt through the floor and steering which were getting worse (it had been pointed out by the dealer when I had the timing belt done but they were unsure as to the cause). It often felt like something was moving back and forth behind the dashboard.....

Initial thoughts by the workshop were that a frip joint was going but a call to Robert at BL suggested that it could be an engine/gearbox mount where the internal 'vacuum' damper had failed.

Given that we have a long road trip planned in May I decided it would be wise to have it looked at.

1st attempt 2 weeks ago at my local trusted garage found nothing wrong with the steering but time was limited so it was booked back in today for a potential look at the nearside hub/CV joint but I personally doubted that as the noise happened even when the car was pulling away in a straight line and my gut said 'gearbox mount'.

However good news, I was wrong and after 1.5 hours the issue was located and rectified and it turned out to be the engine/gearbox 'subframe' mounts.

We know the car had the gearbox reconditioned in the past and it appears that when the work was done, the mounting bushes got twisted or the bolts were overtightened (can't be certain) but removing the mounts, cleaning and lubricating them and tightening back up has cured the issue and the car is back to normal and all that can be heard is the v6 growl as you pull away.

So if your C6 is creaking and groaning, have a look at the subframe mounts as even after 10 years and 100,000+ miles it shouldn't be.
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