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Xenon headlamp repair/replace - any good places to get it done?

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Tue Mar 27 2018, 11:03am
Joined: Jul 23 2015
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Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk
One of the headlamps on my 2.2Hdi C6 has died. It's a xenon one which is a bit of a pain. Are there any specialist companies who will repair/replace at non-stupid prices?

Alternatively (I am a proper electrical engineer with, in addition, a fair amount of practical experience) has anyone else here replaced either bulbs or the 'ballast' (stupid name for it IMHO) as they can be bought for not much money. So I'm not afraid to DIY it but I'd like to know it's not insanely difficult.
Tue Mar 27 2018, 01:52pm
Joined: Apr 03 2016
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Location: Kildare
No need to pay someone to do it. If you are careful and take your time you can change the bulb without taking off the bumper (Citroen official way to do it!). I have replaced all bulbs in both headlights with the bumper on - I have small hands though which was a bonus

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 cruiserphil (27 Mar : 19:29)
Tue Mar 27 2018, 04:53pm
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I've changed bulbs and ballast. Easy enough once you have separated the headlamp from the car and have it on a bench. To do that, it's easiest if you remove the front bumper either entirely - or otherwise loosen it and pull it forward on the affected side. Not insanely difficult, but that's a slightly subjective statement - we're all C6 nutters here anyway... I can offer more detailed steps if you need.

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