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Lower Swivel Joint solution for 2006 and 2007 cars

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Thu Feb 22 2018, 11:22am
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In just under four years of ownership I've had three lower swivel joints fail! These are underneath the front hubs and contain roller bearings which get wet and fail.

Some info on c6owners.org here:
- Click Here -

I live in a wet part of the world (South West England) and drive through deep puddles and the occasional flood - which I think is a factor.

At some point in 2007 PSA changed the design of the hub carrier and lower swivel joint, in an attempt, I believe, to reduce the risk of water ingress and bearing failure.

As I've just had my third failure I've decided to do the upgrade and purchased these items:
New style hub Carriers with lower swivel joint:
- Click Here -
- Click Here -

Also I've ordered the new track rod ends that are necessary to fit the new hub carriers.

Here are two comparison photos - the old style carrier on the car followed by the new style carrier from roughly the same angle. You can see how the shape of the casting shields the bearing.

If you could follow the links to the items I bought you may be able to work out that I spent 356 pounds sterling (approx 400 Euro) on the parts. Note that they come with new wheel bearings, so that is a saving against future maintenance.

Apparently the garage couldn't get such a good price on these parts.

My ex-Citroen dealer mechanic is due to fit them on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted on the total cost.

The last lower swivel joint that I had replaced cost me 80GBP for the joint for a total with labour (including steering alignment at £25) of 290GBP.

I'm hoping that they will save on labour by replacing the whole assembly, as the swivel joint replacement was tricky. Doing both sides at once makes sense as they only have to do the steering alignment once. Then my future savings will be fewer replacements of the lower swivel joint, plus saving on wheel bearings that could have failed in the next 5 years perhaps.

I think that I will be reluctant to drive through floods though, submerging them makes it likely that too much water will get in.

I'll post again mid next week.


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Fri Feb 23 2018, 06:55am
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Nice info about design change THANK YOU
Sat Mar 31 2018, 08:42pm
Joined: Jun 10 2014
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Location: Somerset
The costs broke down as follows:
356GBP for the new pair of hub carriers.
220GBP for fitting (4 hours of labour).

576GBP sub total (excluding wheel alignment)

This compares directly with 265GBP for replacement of one swivel joint replacement previously - two of which, fitted separately, would therefore be 530GBP.

So, it compares really well with replacing two joints separately. In fact, you may need to do only one wheel alignment compared to two if you have the two joints replaced separately. So, yes, really competitive cost for me.

Bearing in mind that it should save me perhaps 1 replacement swivel joint every two years (I'm factoring in an occasional new swivel joint), then it is really good value.

Also, the hub carriers came with new wheel bearings. Also, while the hubs were being done, my garage replaced the brake discs (and pads) - which was cheaper than replacing them in a separate job. All in all, I'm feeling that it was well worth doing.

The final proof will be in when I need a lower front swivel joint replacing again!

Here is a photo of the new hub carrier fitted, which compares well with the photos above:

Note that this modification also applies to early versions of the Peugeot 407.


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