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Front body height sensor fault after replacement of ball joints

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Author Post
Fri Feb 16 2018, 09:10am
Joined: Sep 30 2017
Member No: #3285
Location: Bangkok
Dear All;

Could I consult with you all about my C6 2.7 HDI’s “front body height sensors fault”.

My C6 was earlier run perfectly but having some noise over the front top right position when passing the uneven surfaces. We have thus found that the right front triangle-arm wishbone bushes (ref. 3523CA), as well as the right upper and lower ball joints (Ref. 364074 and 364069) and front anti-roll bar bearing rubber (ref. 509499) to be replaced.

Genuine parts purchased are arrived, so I depressurized the car and then complete the replacement works. (PS. while we do the replacements, we’ve just moved aside the front right height sensor altogether with its bracket as a set without detaching any part).

After completion, resume the battery connection, run global test and clear all faults, the car can lift up and lower down for all height positions as it should be, i.e. we can see generally there is no any un-even height position at all wheels.

However, after having a testing drive for about 2 kilometers and some bounce over certain wavy road, there is a suspension fault message popped-up on the center screen, and advice to run max 90 km/h, together with the “service” lighted on. During such time, it seems that the suspension system is cut-out, no height adjustment can be made, the high pressure pump is quiet/not working.

We thus come back, then diagnose with Diagbox/Lexia and following faults on suspension are read:
C1141: Front body height sensor fault;
U1116: Suspension ECU data not valid fault;
U1205: Fault – absence of communication with the steering wheel angle sensor; and
U2005: Triggering (vehicle speed receipt anomaly).

No any fault on another pressurized Hydractive control module is there.

We have cleared the Faults with Diagbox/Lexia, the Service light goes out and the suspension system resumed working at stand still. Then, we go out for testing drive again, the same suspension Faults above come back (but the second fault - U1116 is not there).

What do you think? Any of my negligence of mistake?

(a) Do we need re-calibration of the height?
After those bush and ball joints replacement done, do I need to re-calibrate all the height sensors actually (that I didn’t do it yet)?

(b) Height sensors are actually gone bad/damaged?
Do you think that my height sensors are actually faulty, and need to replace?

(c) What is that ‘vehicle speed receipt anomaly’ actually relevant? (PS. currently, my car does not have any TPMS fit on this set of wheels).

(d) Incorrect Front Anti-roll bar bearing rubber is relevant?
Due to certain mistake of part supplier, one of the two Anti-roll Bar Bearing rubber we received is not correct i.e. the first piece Part No.509499 with a 24.0 mm diameter which is accurate for our C6 2.7 HDI, but another piece is of 23.5 mm size for those C5 and C6 with 3.0 petrol engine.
However, I’ve assembled them as is available. Is this also the possible cause of that height sensor fault, i.e. the front anti-roll bar could be too tight/ not able to move properly? However, I plan to replace those incorrect 23.5 bearing rubber out, we’re waiting delivery of the correct 24.0 mm bearing.

(e) Is this suspension fault/symptom can be caused by the LDS fluid level too high?
PS. my another mechanic mis-understood to fill in the LDS when the car is being at the normal (pressurized) low position as he does not see any LDS in the 'basket' (instead at the depressurized stage). The possiblity is the LDS level is too high, because I've actually checked and ealier filled the LDS when the car originally depressurized for the parts replacement. Fortunately, he filled that extra LDS not much (not more than one-third litre as left remaining).

FYI, presently, at the (pressurized) low position, the LDS level is still underneath the “bottom of the basket” of LDS tank, around the 'top white ring/rim’ only. Is this relevant to the suspension system fault?

Your kind suggestion and sharing in this matter are much appreciated.


Fri Feb 16 2018, 12:28pm
Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
wow that's what I call a comprehensive post! well done,
I can't answer all your queries but I'll offer this....

The speed trigger fault could possibly be the ABS sensor (is there an error reported in the ABS unit ECU?).
The steering wheel angle fault is a red herring (do you understand that?) as "they all do that".

Have you rechecked the installation of the height sensor? As for recaliberation, I'm unable to offer any advise.

Good Luck finding the fix and report back with you findings please.

Fri Feb 16 2018, 01:10pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge

The Citroen maintenance instructions require that a height reset is required after wishbone change. I would wait until you have the correct anti roll bar bushing fitted. Check also that the ball joint bracket for the height sensor has not been accidentally bent when changing from old sensor to new.

Another important check is that the rear wishbone bush is correct for the car. There are posts on this on the forum which show the differences.

Best regards,

Phil C.
Fri Feb 16 2018, 05:52pm
Joined: Dec 11 2009
Member No: #21
Location: Scotland
To add to the existing replies:-

1/Incorrect levels will not directly cause any warnings

2/ Height sensor ball joint, link rod joints and attached pivot on suspension wishbone might also be corroded/rusty
Sat Feb 17 2018, 02:54am
Joined: Sep 30 2017
Member No: #3285
Location: Bangkok
Thank you all for your kind advice, I will recheck on that.

MGmike: Yes, we're so wondered about the speed trigger, as there is no any fault reported on the ABS ECU. About steering wheel angle sensors, it seems that we can live with this fault code as long as the directional headlamp do function properly, right?

cruiserphil: about the rear wishbone bush, actually we have not replaced it yet. What is that difference/incorrectness of the bush?

Gmerry: I will recheck on those sensor ball joints and attached. If the rusty is the case, shall I replace the sensor unit/link rod, or firstly clean and lublicate it?

Very best,
Montri J.
Mon Feb 19 2018, 06:56pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge

Start here - Click Here -

Best regards,

Phil C.
Tue Mar 06 2018, 05:46am
Joined: Sep 30 2017
Member No: #3285
Location: Bangkok
Dear All;

I'm now wondered my C6's front right height/travel sensor on its bracket is currently in the appropriate position/angle as is, or it is actually bent out? A photo is hereby attached. Thank you for your comment and kind advice.

Best regards,
Montri J.

Thu Mar 08 2018, 02:51pm
Joined: Sep 30 2017
Member No: #3285
Location: Bangkok
Dear All;

As the part is arrived. I have now replaced the front anti-roll bar bearing for accurate one (ref. 509499). Height calibration is also done successfully.

After test run, my car run perfectly on the first day, but resume the similar faults ever on the second day. A fault reading page by Diagbox is attached.

What shall I further re-check on? Does imperfect battery also affect this?

Thanks for you all advice and suggestion.

Best regards,
Montri J.

Sat Apr 27 2019, 10:16pm
Joined: Aug 03 2018
Member No: #3613
Location: Beograd
Did you solve u1205 I have same problem

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