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A C6 down... temporarily

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Fri Jan 19 2018, 12:30am
Joined: Dec 14 2014
Member No: #1975
Location: Auckland
Hit a big dog on the motorway to work - the dog didn't survive but hopefully the car will be back up and running in not too distant future.
Took out parts of undertray, FR parking sensor, fog light/indicator trim, wheel liner, airdam as far as I can see. The damage seems pretty superficial but there is every chance it did more damage - quite surprised front firmness sphere is down so low to the ground...
For some reason, the center screen angle changed by itself after the accident - I usually have it near vertical but it went to around 45° to vertical. I don't know how that works. Hope it didn't mess with many electronic gizmos...
Fri Jan 19 2018, 09:52am
Joined: Apr 16 2012
Member No: #868
Location: Harpenden
You may need to take a closer look at the front wiring harness to see if that has been damaged in the accident.
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 ul9601 (19 Jan : 19:11)
Sun Jan 21 2018, 08:05pm
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
That is most unfortunate Sam, for the dog and your C6. I picked up my C6 from Phil just before Christmas after it's extensive rejuvenation. I'd had almost forgotten how nice it is to drive but hopefully it will be worth the investment. I'm optimistic but I fear that my wife doesn't agree.
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 ul9601 (21 Jan : 22:15)
Sun Jan 21 2018, 10:19pm
Joined: Dec 14 2014
Member No: #1975
Location: Auckland
Thanks Fraser - so stuck with the GSA for now but unfortunately it has its own problem at the moment so trying to get that sorted as well. Charging warning lamp on at all times, but seems to be charging fine.

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