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Hello from a new C6 owner in Enfield

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Mon Jun 12 2017, 05:16pm
Joined: Jun 08 2017
Member No: #3172
Location: Enfield
Hello fellow C6 owners. I joined your ranks on 1/6/2017, with a 2007 (57) C6 Exclusive 2.7HDi automatic, in Mauritius blue, with cream leather, the lounge pack, an RT4 & 85k miles on the clock.

My trusty old 210,000 mile 1999 BMW E39 538i SE (a great car), needed more money spending on it than I was prepared to spend, so it was time for a 'new' car. I had always liked the look of the C6 and been attracted to it being something different. I tend to keep my cars forever, so if I didn’t go for it this time, there might not be many C6's left by the next time !

A bit of research on t’internet, showed that there aren’t many around and that they are expensive to insure, tax & maintain (gulp). That wasn’t quite enough to put me off Armed with a bit more research (on the different models & engines and which parts typically need replacing as they age), I started my search. I saw a few cars which were on sale privately and had a trip to Wolsey House Motors in Diss, Norfolk, to look at their stock. None of those cars floated my boat. I then saw a car on eBay, which was pretty close to where I live and had had plenty of work done on it. Not wishing to buy via eBay, I arranged to see the car.

Little did I know, it was owned by Robert Lowdell of B.L.Autos & Sons, in Welwyn Garden City and it had been his personal car for a short while. He had worked out that a cream leather interior, wasn’t ideal for someone who spends as long as he does, working with oily bits, so it had to go !

The car itself looked lovely, in Mauritius blue with cream leather (my favourite colour combination). After a quick test drive, I was sold on it. The car turned out to have had even more work done on it, than was listed in the eBay advert. I had B.L. Autos refurbish the alloy wheels & replace the wheel centre caps (or whatever they are called), to spruce it up.

The car was distinctly lacking in the service history department and had been off the road for a few years (before Robert bought it), but the amount of work that Robert had done on the car (having seen plenty of horror stories on t’internet about maintenance & repair bills) and the colour combination, swung it for me. I’m still not expecting it to be trouble free & cheap to maintain, of course

The wife thinks that it’s an old man’s car. I know there is a thread on this forum about ‘young’ drivers, but she is probably right !

Driving experience wise, it certainly wafts along and I’m surprised at how flat it corners. I imagine it’s much like flying a drone, in that you are definitely in control, but it doesn’t feel like you are connected to anything !

I can’t claim to have any previous history with Citroen, although when I was a kid (in the 70’s), we had a family holiday where we swapped houses & cars with a French family for a week and they had a CX.
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Tue Jun 13 2017, 12:43am
Joined: Jan 05 2015
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Location: Auckland
Sounds great Mark,
I have to say I was a little cautious when buying my C6 in late 2015 after doing the research and listening to stories. I expected that my ownership was likely to be peppered with high servicing and maintenance costs but my mechanic set my mind at rest. His words were along the lines of it's just a car and everything is fixable. He had driven one and loved it, so I dove in and have never regretted it.
Enjoy your car...
Sat Jun 24 2017, 12:22pm
Joined: Jan 21 2013
Member No: #1163
Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Mark, welcome to C6 (mental asylum) ownership you shouldn't go far wrong with that car from Robert! Few people know more, or care more, than Robert & Barry (or Danny, at WHM, from whence came my second, for that matter) about C6s!

Stick around and catch the bug...

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