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C6 owners map (hopefully) worldwide

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Thu May 11 2017, 06:16am
Joined: May 10 2017
Member No: #3137
Location: Neuburg/Donau
Dear C6 fans and freaks ,

I'm definitely one of you. I love my car.
But I realized that I don't see this car very often on the streets.
So it is a little bit difficult to get help, impressions from other c6 owners
or just to organize meetings.
I would like to spread a small idea. It was launched a few days ago in the German ACC forum and it is running great. We have 27 entries till now.
Even some from the UK, Poland and Austria.

To make it short: It is a map.
A map where you can add a pin which shows you location. You don't have to put in your exact address. But it would be nice when you can tell your mail address and some infos about you and maybe what kind of C6 you own.

This is the link for the map:
- Click Here -

It is easy. You click on the link and you can see the map. Just click on 'Additions' on the upper left side and click then on 'add pin-simple'.
Just type in some information and as I said your mail address.

I hope you all like my idea.
Please join this map and maybe someday we meet us.

Greetings from Germany,
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 cruiserphil (11 May 2017) , David K (16 May 2017)
David K   
Tue May 16 2017, 10:37pm
Joined: Jan 30 2010
Member No: #42
Location: Scania
I've now became the first Swedish entry on the map!
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 cruiserphil (17 May 2017) , Brigantia_Driver (23 May 2017) , 321dave (23 May 2017)
Tue May 23 2017, 10:33am
Joined: May 10 2017
Member No: #3137
Location: Neuburg/Donau
Hi David,

thank you for joining this map.
It's great to see it grow.

I also started a request on the french C6 forum.
So maybe we have a little bit more pins at west europe.
I hope so.

Thanks to all who joined this map.
The world is getting more anonymous.
For this reasons it is more and more important to get connected.
We come from differnt countries. We come from different generations.
But we are all C6 drivers. This is what we have in common.
And that's great.
We have a foundation on which to build friendships, overcome boundaries.

Thanks to all.

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 321dave (23 May 2017) , cruiserphil (24 May 2017) , e3steve (24 June 2017)
Thu Jun 22 2017, 05:57pm
Joined: Sep 15 2015
Member No: #2337
Location: Scotland
Just registered the first Scottish C6 on the map.
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 e3steve (02 July 2017)
Fri Jun 30 2017, 09:21pm
Joined: Mar 31 2017
Member No: #3086
Location: Scotland
Hi Alex! Lovely idea, and I've just registered mine!

Greetings from Scotland, Barrie
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 e3steve (02 July 2017)

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