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C6 Boot cover ???

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Fri Mar 17 2017, 04:37pm
Joined: May 20 2013
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Location: Nottingham
Not sure what its called, I refer to the 'came with the car' carpet/rubber thing that cover the whole boot floor over the spare wheel and tools space. Quite heavy with carpet on the top surface and rubber and other bits.

Mine has got very wet and whilst the leak is being attended to, the cover is very sodden and if a new/used one is available from anyone then I would be interested. Also appreciate any advice on breakers of C6s who may have the item - but what is the official name - ?
Fri Mar 17 2017, 10:39pm
Joined: Dec 14 2014
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Location: Auckland
Mine got a bit wet (not soaked though) as the spare wheel well had a couple of inches of water somehow. The top side was still dry but underside was pretty moist due to condensation from the standing water. I left it outside for a few days and it dried out well.
I also had a similar issue with the underbonnet insulation sheet - the windscreen washer nozzle was knocked loose while workshop was doing a job (pretty careless) and when I used the washer it totally soaked the inside. Again, it dried out nicely when pulled out for a few days.
Fri Mar 17 2017, 11:10pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Robert at B.L.Autos has a C6 being broken for spares.
Fairly sure the boot floor is available.
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