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Hand brake cables

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Wed Jan 04 2017, 05:06pm
Joined: Feb 08 2015
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Location: Bicester
Today my C6 failed it's MOT due to insufficient operation of the O/S/R electronic hand brake. The tester says it's the cable at fault. The Citroen part number for this item is 4745 Z1. Citroen do them as a non returnable pair for just over £300!!!!!! I'm not paying that if I can help it. Trouble is I can't find anywhere, including eBay, that supplies the above part. Can anyone help?
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 gmerry (04 January 2017)
Wed Jan 04 2017, 05:51pm
Joined: Dec 11 2009
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Location: Scotland
Have you gone through the forum archives on this one?


try this supplier

- Click Here -
Wed Jan 04 2017, 06:50pm
Joined: Feb 08 2015
Member No: #2057
Location: Bicester
Yes I've been through the archives. Couldn't find anything helpful. Thank you for the link.
Wed Jan 04 2017, 07:00pm
Joined: Dec 19 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire
Would you consider a set of second hand cables?
I may know of some, complete with control unit, but will have to check they are available.

Another forum member had this with his 2.2 manual recently,
but it was the main control unit that had failed.
The manual gearbox unit is different to the auto gearbox unit.
Wed Jan 04 2017, 08:34pm
Joined: Feb 08 2015
Member No: #2057
Location: Bicester
Yes I would be interested in the second hand cables. The reason the tester is sure it's the O/S/R cable that's at fault is twofold. Firstly the N/S/R cable still exerts the correct level of pull and secondly a hinged mechanism (the correct name for which I don't know) on the O/S/R that the cable attaches too is not moving as it should which indicates that the cable is seized/broken etc.

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