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Bleeding the Coolant system

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Fri May 27 2016, 12:03am
Joined: Apr 03 2016
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Location: Kildare
I hope I am posting this in the correct section. I wish to bleed my system and was wondering if these is a specific part number(s) for the filing cylinder 4520-T and filling adaptor 4222-T or do I just tell my Citroen garage the numbers 4520-T and 4222-T? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I couldn't find a part number or get any luck for any for sale online by googling 4520-T & 4222-T.
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 RodHagen (12 Feb : 03:44)
Fri May 27 2016, 07:02am
Joined: Dec 11 2009
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Location: Scotland
Hi Keith, those part numbers you quote are proprietary tools numbers from the PSA vehicle servicing catalogue. So no dealer/garage will sell you these tools. Generally, when special tools are being quoted, its a matter of working out the function and using general purpose tools - the Sealey catalogue is always a good place to look.

In the case of filling/bleeding the cooling system, the function you are trying to create is a small head of water, a couple of hundred mms is enough, above the level of the filling cap. There's plenty of bleeding points in the system (heater hose at the bulkhead, top of the radiator, rear EGR cooling hose, two bleeding/degasser tubes). A machined blank with an O ring that fits inside the coolant tank, or just a large rubber bung, complete with a 200mm tube (say some 22mm copper pipe) and a funnel, will do the job. There's plenty of large rubber bungs on ebay if you are looking for something cheap and simple. The filler neck inner diameter is 35&1/2mm. This tapered bung with 34mm at the small end up to about 43mm will fit although you will need to make a bigger inner hole for you filling pipe/funnel. Cost is less than £3. - Click Here -

In a tight situation, just park the car on a sideways slope so that the header tank is higher than the rest of the engine. This will work almost as well as using proprietary kit. Actually the C6 cooling system (for the 2.7HDi) is not hard to fill and bleed. Just take your time and keep checking the level after you start the engine.

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 keithc (27 May : 10:06) , Tjensen (27 May : 12:45) , Muffin (25 Sep : 19:15) , RodHagen (12 Feb : 03:44)
Fri May 27 2016, 10:07am
Joined: Apr 03 2016
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Location: Kildare
Thanks a million for that very informative post Gmerry. Much appreciated!

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