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Differences between the 2.2 and the V6 suspension

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Thu Aug 27 2015, 05:30pm
Joined: Aug 26 2012
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Location: Oradea
I am looking around for a C6 and was wondering how different is the 'standard' suspension in the 2.2 compared to the 2.7 and the 3.0?

I know that in the superior one it's able to adjust the dampening, while on the 2.2 it's a fixed dampening setting, how does that affect the comfort and ride?

I am curious if there is a big difference, because my mechanic said it's a simpler suspension and a lot more reliable than the one in the V6 engines.

I searched around the forum but only founds bits and pieces, no actual guide about the difference.

Maybe someone who drove both could help clear the issue
Thu Aug 27 2015, 10:48pm
Joined: Apr 18 2012
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Location: Lisbon
You get AMVAR on the V6 engines. This means the suspension will automatically change each damper individually to improve handling, stability or confort depending if the suspension is on sky hook or road hook mode.

For example if you are driving normally the suspension will keep everything soft and comfortable, if you are attacking a corner, instead of only setting the suspension into "sport mode" you will get variable damping on each corner of the car. Let's say you are doing a right turn at speed, AMVAR might limit the damper travel more on the right side of the car to keep it leveled and the wheels in contact with the ground. You get more comfort and more grip doing the corner because the car won't wobble to the left side like you normally see on other cars.

The same happens when accelerating or braking, keeping the car leveled and with more grip.

In terms of reliability I haven't seen in here or in other forums any issues related with the AMVAR system.
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Fri Aug 28 2015, 11:32am
Joined: Aug 26 2012
Member No: #1001
Location: Oradea
I understand, so in the end the superior C6 is worth it more, if the reliability is the same for the suspension, then it would be worth to get the bigger one.

I was set on the 2.2 manual but if you say they are just the same but with a much smarter suspension, might make no point then.

There seem to be plenty of 2.7 available at reasonable prices, and 3.0 are starting to get in the low 10-15k with reasonable mileage.

Thank you for all the information.

Nice website btw, love what you did with the soundproofing, I will probably do something similar too, the C6 should be dead quiet.
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