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handbrake replacement

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Sat Aug 01 2015, 02:56pm
Joined: Aug 31 2014
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Location: CREWKERNE somerset
does anyone know how difficult it is to replace handbrake cables on c6 or replace the whole unit cant find any info on forum
and also are the cables available seperate?

or do they come with the motor assy

Tue Nov 15 2016, 06:59am
Joined: Nov 14 2016
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Location: Vilnius
I need more info about the same theme too. any help or scheme where and what is connected.. ? thanks in advance
Tue Nov 15 2016, 09:12am
Joined: Dec 11 2009
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Location: Scotland
Hi rasm, the cables are available as a set (spares) or you can purchase the entire motor/gearbox complete with cables. Presumably you need to remove the motor/gearbox unit to fit the new cables to it???

The spare cables are very expensive, the motor/gearbox is even more so.

I'll check in the technical downloads for the part numbers (checked in the downloads under brakes but couldn't find the applicable drgs)

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 rasm_ost (15 November 2016) , Norman (16 May 2020)
Tue Nov 15 2016, 09:32am
Joined: Mar 31 2011
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Location: Fareham
Hello Rasm, I can confirm the high cost of repair for these parts. I had a rear brake seize on my car which caused a fire earlier this year. Both rear discs and the handbrake assembly - motor and cables, were replaced at a cost of 2000 Euros. The motor assembly complete with cables was around 1200 - 1300 Euros I think..... But the difference in sound when applying the handbrake is amazing - you can't hear it inside the car now. My car is a 2007 build on a 2009 registration and the part that came off the car had a 2007 date stamp on it. good luck with your repairs.
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 rasm_ost (15 November 2016) , cruiserphil (16 November 2016)
Tue Nov 15 2016, 11:15am
Joined: Nov 14 2016
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Location: Vilnius
thank you both for posts! Sounds sad, but still will check the condition of all mechanism soon and see what to repair or change to used.
Tue Nov 15 2016, 11:45am
Joined: Nov 14 2016
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Location: Vilnius
I have checked the internet and found used part, hope it will fit to mine ..
- Click Here -
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 cruiserphil (16 November 2016)
Wed Nov 16 2016, 08:42pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge

Information will hopefully be available for download soon! Cables can be replaced separately.

Best regards,

Phil C.
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 e3steve (17 November 2016) , Norman (16 May 2020)
David Hallworth   
Fri Nov 18 2016, 12:14am

Joined: Apr 16 2010
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Location: Glasgow

Apologies this is so late appearing, it's been a busy day and I didn't have my own laptop at work with me today.

Downloads as requested:

C6 Handbrake Parts Diagram: - Click Here -

Removing & Refitting Electronic Parking Brake: - Click Here -

Removing & Refitting Handbrake Cables: - Click Here -


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 cruiserphil (18 November 2016) , gmerry (18 November 2016) , Norman (16 May 2020)
Fri Feb 07 2020, 12:24pm
Joined: Jan 31 2020
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Location: Kaiserstraße
Hello, can anyone tell me if, when replacing the handbrake mechanism, "reprogramming" is required?
David Hallworth   
Sun Feb 09 2020, 05:52pm

Joined: Apr 16 2010
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Location: Glasgow
I'd imagine it would need calibrating with Lexia. There's a guide to removing and replacing the cables above. Have a look and see if the last steps mention reprogramming or anything.
Sun Feb 09 2020, 07:51pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
What it says is that you need to put the handbrake in the 'removal position' using the diagnostic tool before removing.

Once replaced you need to:

Carry out; Using a diagnostic tool:

• Re-adjustment of the parking brake cables
• Calibration of the force sensor
• Clearing of the fault codes
• Configuration of the ECU

Check the operation of the electric parking brake by carrying out an electric parking brake application and release

So that applies to a 'new' unit as Cit dealers won't replace with a used one but we know some owners have changed one for a used one in the past.

But no one seems to have confirmed exactly what needed to be done....
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 Norman (16 May 2020)

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