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Navidrive and dashboard screen

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Mon Feb 02 2015, 03:05pm
Joined: Jan 19 2015
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Location: London
I don't have a Navidrive on my 2006 C6 but it looks like it wouldn't be rocket science to put one in, as the blanking plates are there on either side of the dashboard display. Am I right in thinking it would be the RT3 version? Having said that, I'm not sure it's the best system and I might just be better off with a Tomtom or something. Also does anyone else have a very dim display? Cranked it right up to max setting but it's scarcely visible in daylight. Fixable?
Mon Feb 02 2015, 07:19pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
None of the displays are very bright in sunlight I'm afraid which is why the HUD is great for speed.

Retrofitting Navidrive isn't straight forward either (if even possible) and for the money and times you would use it I would stick with a modern TomTom
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 PercyPorcelain (02 February 2015)
Wed Feb 04 2015, 08:17am
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Hi Percy,

The advantages of a plug in system are that it is simple to install, cheap (and definable scope) and up to date.

The advantages of the built-in RT3/RT4/RT5 are that everything is integrated and always there, ready to use.

The complexity of retrofit installation should not be underestimated: much more than just the screen. Seek expert information before even considering it.

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 PercyPorcelain (06 February 2015)
Wed Feb 04 2015, 09:50am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
With a 'Brodit' mount on the centre air vents, a TomTom would sit more or less where the RT screens are anyway and would cost far far less than trying to retro fit an RT unit and Screen.

Bare in mind that it was a £1,000 factory fit option to have Sat Nav in a Lignage will give you some idea of the costs..... Then the map updates are not cheap (come free with my TomTom) plus the RT units don't have UK 7 digit post code search facility
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 PercyPorcelain (06 February 2015)

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