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starting problems again

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Tue Oct 14 2014, 08:51am
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain

When working under the bonnet, and from the sides, access is greatly improved by raising the bonnet to its maximum excursion. Phone-a-friend to assist in supporting the bonnet (although I'm now accomplished at this operation and do it by myself).

1. Remove one of the gas struts' bottom joint from its ball in the inner wing -- slip a terminal screwdriver into the recess under the spring clip (don't remove the clip; just ease it away from its seat and pull the ram off) -- then compress the ram a little and prop it behind the ball.

2. Repeat for the other side. If your struts are OK then they'll continue to support the bonnet's weight whilst the operation is carried out, but don't let the weight remain on one strut only, at the 'normal' raised angle, as it will drop.

3. Whilst removing the second side from the ball-joint, compress the ram as far as possible, raising the bonnet until it stops, then slowly release the ram until the ball socket nestles into the rubber cover in the inner wing's drain channel (in line with the suspension top) and aft of the 13mm nut that you'll see peeping from behind that rubber cover.

At this point, one ram will support the bonnet's weight at this high angle.

4. Repeat '3' for the other side's ram.

Lowering to normal position is more or less a reverse procedure: compress one ram enough to lift it free of the resting place behind the 13mm nut, allow the ram to extend and leave it resting in the drain channel, then move to the other side whilst supporting the bonnet and do the same there, resting the ram's ball socket behind the ball on that side, support the bonnet's weight again whilst moving back to the other side and snap that ram back on its ball. Repeat.
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Tue Oct 14 2014, 07:14pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Did you remove the mounting bolt hiding down on bottom right as you look at the housing from the left hand side of the car? It is very awkward to remove.
Phil C.
Wed Oct 15 2014, 01:03pm
Joined: Aug 31 2014
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Location: CREWKERNE somerset

other issue i came accross was i could not remove the gear selector cable support the ball joint came off easy but could not remove the cable from its support housing even following instructions !!
i found it easier to remove the 2 nuts that hold cable bracket and then the 3 studs holding the cable support plate was real easy just fed it back under the wiring loom and tucked under bulkhead while i removed the starter

but car started first flick of the key no injector errors etc i can only assume the very slow cranking speed gave low fuel rail pressure as it starts as a car should now first flick of the key
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Wed Oct 15 2014, 06:07pm
Joined: Sep 28 2012
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Location: south west
"but car started first flick of the key no injector errors etc"

Great news, and now another C6 to see wafting around the west country.
Wed Oct 15 2014, 09:17pm
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Cool bananas!
Thu Oct 16 2014, 10:14am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Thanks for the posts. Great news,


Phil C.
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