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wont start

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Fri Sep 19 2014, 08:35pm
Joined: Sep 04 2014
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Location: Teynham, Kent ME9 9HH
Thank you for completing this story, good news that all is now up and running again, ENJOY!!!
Sat Sep 20 2014, 07:59am
Joined: Aug 31 2014
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Location: CREWKERNE somerset
this car is driving me mad and will soon be scrapped !

went out this morning cranked starter wouldnt start about 5 seconds did same again twice then on 4th attempt fired up fine
but did notice radio had gone back to the start folder where as it usualy resumes where it left off may have no relavence

on to cooling system looked at coolant tank all fine no bubbles coolant stable
took car for an intensive drive mainly around 3k rpm using tiptronic to get temp up
returned home checked coolant reservoir bubbles flowing through small return pipes and coolant level high unscrewed cap slowly and coolant poured out bubbled a bit then settled down but bubbles still coming through return pipes

see here - Click Here -
Sat Sep 20 2014, 08:49am
Joined: Jul 17 2012
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Location: Bergen
I had the same symptoms many years ago, on a Renault 4. It was gradually worse until the tank lid (a glass, actually) bursted, Head gasket problem, I changed gasket once a year after that (for me: low cost, much work, but down to a couple of hours after some rounds). The basic reason was the "wet" cylinders having sunk a little in the block
Sat Sep 20 2014, 09:08am
Joined: Aug 31 2014
Member No: #1845
Location: CREWKERNE somerset
oh dear if it is head gasket and not something else wrong or something i am doing wrong
i will send the tax back then take it down the road and watch them crush it!!
video them doing it and put on youtube
i have had varios citroens hundreds since 1991 this is the worst............

then find me a nice clean xm

but i have funny feeling that it is

so far the [%*^#@!] thing has had a new coolant thermostat tank old one was split a new header tank cap
all glow plugs replaced new uprated battery

so it may look like a sad loss of one of very few c6's being crushed

the annoying bit is she runs and drives lovely
Sat Sep 20 2014, 02:37pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
You would be really stupid to crush it given the cost of parts.

Bumpers and headlights alone would raise circa £2K used..........
Sat Sep 20 2014, 04:03pm
Joined: Sep 28 2012
Member No: #1043
Location: south west
Sorry to hear of the perstant prob.

Re first starting from cold could well be the cylinder hydraulicing due to water seepage from head gasket or more so IMO from a cracked head that when left for long periods dribbles water into the bore.

The crack would open up when hot and that could be the bubbles you see after a spirited run.

Now which head could be the problem, I would go for the head that had the injector prob no 4, may have water damage to injector from being left for a long period that has now cleared with injector cleaner.

To be sure first a pressure test over time, then a cylinder leak test to confirm which head is the problem.

As for the XM if you decide to go down that route, I hope you have less problems than I did with mine after spending £s on it.
New owner ran it for miles trouble free!

I returned to the cx turbo 2 saloon and estates the last one covered 360000+ miles before the rust got to the body.
Sun Sep 21 2014, 04:59am
Joined: Aug 31 2014
Member No: #1845
Location: CREWKERNE somerset
is there anyway that this could be caused by something other than head or gasket or both
could the poor starting be related
just find it strange how once started she runs beautifully

i dont know if this has anything to do with it but i followed the drain refill instructions well the refill part upon replacing the coolant thermo tank
undone heater matrix bleed screw but could not see one on the radiator so i just pulled the small pipe at top of radiator
could there still be air in it and would this cause the issues i have which is coolant loss slight and what you saw in the video i posted

the urge to want to crush it is because i love the car so much but so upset with it
and christ knows how much it would cost for a gasket repair how much work is involved as there is no repair literature for this engine available not even a haynes manual for the jaguar land rover variants that share this engine
and my local garage wont touch it i asked them about doing a timing belt he said no

any help with these issues would be greatly apreciated

help help help

thanks simon
Sun Sep 21 2014, 10:29am
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
Never had these problems on DS, CX, XM, they were self-bleeding. But again: the old R4 also made such symptoms after a refill, due to air in the system that expanded. But that of course solved itself after a few days of driving. If it is a head gasket issue, starting problems may be related if coolant leak indto cylinders(?? (not sure of this). My advice: Be brave and get a professional diagnose !
Sun Sep 21 2014, 01:13pm
Joined: Sep 28 2012
Member No: #1043
Location: south west
"could not see one on the radiator so i just pulled the small pipe at top of radiator
could there still be air in it and would this cause the issues i have which is coolant loss slight and what you saw in the video i posted"

The small bleed pipe is ok to bleed the radiator.

In some rare cases air can get into the coolant system when a system pressure test shows it ok.

How can this be, with some water pumps after time the seals will leak air back through the seals when the coolant cools leaving a vacuum in the system.

when hot the air in the coolant can show its self through the bleed pipes and expanding coolant will then leak out giving the head gasket the impression of a incorrect fault.

Better to confirm either way with a pressure timed test etc.

When time permits I will replace the timing belt on mine early next year [100000 miles]together with water pump and roller tensioner kit.
160000 miles imo this is to long for the water pump and original coolant.

PS Simon have just looked at your MPG does not look good for a 2.7 c6. this may reflect a failing!

Sun Sep 21 2014, 06:36pm
Joined: Jul 20 2010
Member No: #188
Location: Lancashire
what fuel do you use - best premium ,hopefully - eg: Shell V-power ... ?

if previous owner used standard supermarket fuel, with most of the finer things left out, maybe that's the problem ?

NB: we find mpg better with premium - so, ironically, it costs less, as well as going & sounding a whole lot better...
Mon Sep 22 2014, 11:26am
Joined: Aug 31 2014
Member No: #1845
Location: CREWKERNE somerset
worst case scenario if hg is failed which i would say the front bank
what sort of cost to have it fixed obviously change timing belt at same time

and any recommendations for someone who is familiar with this engine and would do it local to me in somerset

if too expensive it will go down the road and be cubed !
Wed Oct 15 2014, 09:55am
Joined: Oct 10 2013
Member No: #1461
Location: Oslo
I had a problem which turned out to be worned bearings in the starter. I had the starter serviced with new bearings and now is starts quick and easy as it should. The worned bearings in the starter drains the battery.
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 cruiserphil (16 October 2014)
Tue May 19 2015, 11:33am
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Location: Brighton
Do you have an update on your problem ststech?
Sat Nov 09 2019, 11:19am
Joined: Aug 29 2019
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Location: Roskilde
This beeing an old post, I guess either the head gasket has been replaced, or the car scraped.
I have a little experience in blown head gaskets, since I managed twice, to buy a car with a blown head gasket, and beeing in "denail phase" for up to a year afterwards, trying all kind of fixes before eventualy changing the head gasket.
First was a Clio petrol that used a bit of coolant, being a little difficult to start when cold, and ran uneven for the first min after start, then averything fine, and warm start fine. Cause: head gasket leed coolant to enter 1 cyl when cooling down, after skimming head and new gasket, everything fine.
Second C5 HDI, always started an ran well, but used coolant, and had bubbles in the expansion tank, I didn't believe a head gasket problem, since it ran so well, but there was no doubt when looking at the head gasket, head also skimmed due to a small grove, the maschine shop said, that they saw the head gasket as a service part, since thay always got the heads in for skimming at around 200-250.000 km.
To never end up in this situation again, I bought a Co2 leak test kit:
- Click Here -

Then there's no doubt.
My collegue bought C5 HDI with 232.000 km on the clock, and it tested fine, but around 250.000km the gasket gave up, so maschine shop might be right,

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 cruiserphil (11 November 2019)
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