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Le jour de gloire est arrivé

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Sat May 31 2014, 03:54pm
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In today's Times there is a report that France is bringing an armoured Renault Vel Satis out of retirement to transport our Queen around the country on her state visit next week. The reason given is that "the roofline of the Élysee Palace's large C6 Citroen limousines is also insufficient for the Queen's colourful headwear, which is a subject of long-standing fascination in France ... The radio station Europe 1 talked humorously about 'le psychodrame du chapeau (the Crisis of the Hat)".

As a confirmed republican, I am delighted that the C6's image will not be besmirched and brought downmarket, and that Mrs. Battenberg's bottom will not be benefiting from the vastly superior ride that would have been available if her hats were not quite so large. I am rather surprised, though, as Mrs. B is such a tiny little thing that I would have thought there would be ample room for both her and her millinery.

Perhaps that's the real reason: that she would be sitting so low down in a C6 that all that France would see of her would be her hat, peeping and swivelling like a gigantic floral periscope, next to a tiny gloved hand waving.
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Sat May 31 2014, 05:20pm

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