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C6 and Michelin Tyres

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Tue May 17 2011, 07:44pm
Joined: Nov 22 2009
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C6Dave wrote ...
Had another pair of Falken ZE 912 fitted and they are on all around the car now and would have done it sooner but they were hard to get a hold of due to a factory production problem

Still happy with them, Dave? I have the option of Falkens or Hankooks. The latter are slightly more expensive but include a 'free' puncture replacement scheme, which I don't think is included with the Falkens. The garage owner reckoned the Hankooks are very quiet but I don't know if they are any better than the Falkens.
Wed May 18 2011, 05:52am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Yes still happy with them Tony. I could have had alternatives but felt it better to hang on and have all the tyres on the car the same make and pattern

What was interesting was that during our conversation on the 'tyre wall cracking' he said that it was probably caused by a combination of 'sunlight' and the car being stood around. He also said that it tends to be worse in coastal areas with the salty air.

What was more interesting was that the inside face of the tyres was perfect with no cracking which appeared to confirm the sunlight theory.
Fri May 20 2011, 08:27pm
Joined: Jun 09 2010
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Location: Bern
Just fitted Bridgestone Turanza Ecopia tires. I like them.

I did not like the Michelins. Very Much.

My car has 17" wheels. Now I'm looking for winter tires. Thinking Contiis.

Sat May 21 2011, 01:28pm
Joined: Nov 17 2009
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Location: London
c6bern wrote ...

My car has 17" wheels. Now I'm looking for winter tires. Thinking Contiis.

I'm very pleased with Nokian, in fact so pleased I haven't bothered switching back to summer tyres.
Mon Jun 20 2011, 08:00am
Joined: Nov 22 2009
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When I was back in the UK, I decided to go for four new Falken ZE912s, as recommended by Dave. I had the option of another, supposedly sportier, Falken model and some Hankooks but went for the 912s at £130 each.

Having driven around 2000 miles on them so far, in the UK at speeds up to 70mph and in Germany up to around 130mph, I can confirm these are a far better proposition from the OEM Michelins.

On any decent surface, there is now no noticeable road noise! The only noise which can be heard is the wind noise. If I could remove that, the car would be virtually silent under light throttle .

In addition, I have suffered no 'boom', as reported by Dave, even at 130mph. Highly recommended.
Mon Jun 20 2011, 05:03pm
Joined: Apr 06 2010
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Location: Maidenhead
I just replaced my rear Michelins with Hancooks to match the front - much better!

I also had a look at the Falkens but they didn't have them in stock and my rears were critically low, and having all four the same appeals to my pernickety side!

Tue Jun 21 2011, 11:30am
Joined: Dec 11 2009
Member No: #21
Location: Scotland
As previously posted, I'm a fan of the Avon Ice Tourings in 17" for winter. Summer the ZE912s are OK but perhaps are wearing a little too quickly. Someone mentioned Contis and I'm annoyed with them on a pushbike application where they cracked and split within 18months (stored in a bikeshed as well when not being ridden so little UV exposure). Also they didn't fit properly - irrational perhaps but Conti get the big thumbs down for any future Citroen purchases.

Thu Jun 23 2011, 12:37pm
Joined: Nov 22 2009
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gmerry wrote ...
irrational perhaps but Conti get the big thumbs down for any future Citroen purchases.

Continental have been top of several tests I've seen for summer tyres, so I wouldn't base any purchase on how well cycle tyres have aged! I went for the Falkens because they were recommended by others for the C6 and were available at the right time and for a decent price. I won't be using them in the winter anyway, as I have winter tyres, so there's not a major problem with increased wear.
Fri May 18 2012, 07:10pm
Joined: Jan 20 2012
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Location: Essex
I'm not sure if correct to post on this thread?

Anyway took the wife shopping...... got the "NSF low tyre pressure message", Yep picked up a nail, non repairable. Spent several hours tyring to source a Michelin even rang Michelin UK, I can have Primacy3s in about a week. So bought a conti 3 £211 later still got to take mum
shopping (90 next month) so couldn't relly let her down. Didn't like the idea of going any further than necessary on skiny spacesaver. Last 150,000 miles only had replace worn out ones so can't really grumble, can I?

On a positive note the Conti has a wheel saver bead (ideal for moon caps)not to mention saving those 3.0HDI wheels. So think I may change over the rest as time goes by.

Costco were £221 for the Mich Primacy3s, ohh and Michelin recomended changing in axle sets if going from Primacry HP's (well they would)

Will post pic if requested.

Fri May 18 2012, 08:35pm
Joined: Nov 09 2011
Member No: #710
Location: Watford
Personally I'd always change an axle pair unless the replacement was due to a puncture on a new tyre. Even on the same type of tyre a few mm and 6 months+ between two tyres will unbalance a car and I certainly would not want that on a car, never mind a higher performance one.

My 2p
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 michaelb (19 May 2012)
Fri May 18 2012, 10:27pm
Joined: Jan 20 2012
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Location: Essex
Dapperman .... It was due to a puncture on a new tyre at 2,038 miles, in my case.

C6 is not really a high performance car is it?

Heavy one yes.

Ideally I would have preferred not to mix patterns or makes on the same axle and made quite an effort the that aim.

Unbalancing the car after about 40 miles nothing noticed, I'll report back if necessary.

Sun May 20 2012, 10:18am
Joined: Nov 09 2011
Member No: #710
Location: Watford
Gobxoy wrote ...

C6 is not really a high performance car is it?

On the 2.7V6 TD 0-60 is under 9 seconds and it'll top out over 140 so I'd class that as having performance.
Sun May 20 2012, 11:35am
Joined: Jan 20 2012
Member No: #786
Location: Essex

If that floats your boat,,,,,,,,,?

I respect your opinion, but don't agree with it.

This is the market it was designed to compete in:-

"The mid-luxury segment are commonly referred to as executive cars in Britain"

Also I don't care for the handle "executive" either.

Tires wise Conti holding up.
Sun May 20 2012, 12:23pm
Joined: Jan 20 2012
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Location: Essex
Addendum to my last post.

Appologies in advance for being but,,,,,,,,,,,,
"Talking about such prosaic things as fuel economy and performance rather misses the point of the C6"

quote from here - Click Here - seems to say it

Talking about such prosaic things as fuel economy and performance rather misses the point of the C6.

This is a car thats all about look and feel rather than stats or percentages. Surfing along on a lazy wave of torque watching dumbfounded BMW, Mercedes and Audi drivers come the other way wondering what planet the C6 with its filter feeder face has landed from.

The C6 injects a welcome dose of glamour and panache into a market that has been reduced to a shattered husk. Such has been the domination of the German premium marques in the executive saloon market that those mainstream brands that used to do very good business catering to those who either couldnt or wouldnt stump up the premiums to buy German have now largely abandoned the sector.
Wed Oct 23 2013, 11:00am
Joined: Sep 20 2010
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Location: Aldeburgh

Coming to replace the Michelins on the C6. No quibble with these- the rears have lasted in excess of 35000 miles (I think that one might have been on there since the car was new 48000 miles ago)and the fronts 24000. I was going to go the Falken route but I see from the reviews that they change the compound frequently and some identical tyres last 4000 miles. They are £152.

I thought of Pirelli P zero, as only £25 more than the Falkens, or stay with the Míchelíns at £199, despite what I've heard about them. The other cars are all on Michelins, but then they would be!

The above prices are fitted from Blackcircles, and my local garage ís a Blackcírcles "partner".

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