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PSA Drops Hydraulics | Petition Started

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Sat Dec 28 2013, 10:02am
Joined: Apr 28 2010
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Location: Hampshire
Problem is that most people do not care what suspension their cars have. If they did Citroen would be ahead of BMW et al
Sat Dec 28 2013, 10:42am
Joined: Sep 18 2012
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Location: Bucharest
That's not a problem Mark, that's absolutely normal... People don't care about specs, and they shouldn't! People care about benefits, and they should! There are the few and far apart enthusiast-types who do care about specs more than they do about benefits, but...

Let's face it, under Peugeot management, Citroën failed to advance the Hydractive suspension as much as they should have and it ultimately failed to deliver on its promise to have a magic carpet like ride, seamlessly absorbing the bumps and cracks in the road surface, while still providing proper handling. There are plenty of cars out there with a more traditional approach to suspension design which provide the same ride quality and handling or better...

Now, if PSA tried their best and failed, it means that we have reached the peak of this technology, and if this is as good as it gets, then it's only normal for PSA to abandon it, and channel their efforts towards something new.

If they didn't try anything but to milk as much as they could from a design originating to some 60 years ago, only tweaking it slightly, but without any real R&D, then, again, it's only fair to abandon it and say "hey, we've milked this cow for as much as we could already", and move on...

Also, let's face it, the future is not hydraulic, it's electronic... Do you remember the late great Mr. Bose doing an internet video some years back where he was describing how the technology behind Bose's noise canceling headphones could be used in electronic car suspension systems?!?

If not, here is a French installment from theTurbo TV show airing on M6: - Click Here -

Makes Hydractive look like a [%*^#@!] joke...


Sat Dec 28 2013, 11:42am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Too much money is going on chasing alternative means of powering cars I'm afraid, developing technology that people don't want (short range, all electric cars)'stop start etc. leaving nothing for R+D on suspension systems etc.
Sat Dec 28 2013, 09:22pm
Joined: Jul 20 2010
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Location: Lancashire
IIRC, Lotus's foray was with support from Citroën ...
Sat Dec 28 2013, 09:26pm
Joined: Jul 20 2010
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Location: Lancashire
IIRC, Peugeot saved Citroën from the brink ... and one of the first benefits to Peugeot was the rear suspension for the 305 estates ...

Sat Dec 28 2013, 09:46pm
Joined: Jul 20 2010
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Location: Lancashire
signed ...

surely not a waste of time - in our experience, people do take account of such things, especially when given constructive inputs ...
Sun Dec 29 2013, 08:15am
Joined: Sep 06 2013
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Location: Co Down, Northern Ireland
Exactly my take on it Chris and I think we may be surprised to hear that they've changed their mind eventually. Could be a publicity ploy you know what there big guys are like.
Sun Dec 29 2013, 08:54am
Joined: Jul 20 2010
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Location: Lancashire
>that's not a problem ... Turbo TV show airing on M6 ... Sammy

good post - video looked convincing, too !
Chris Burmajster   
Fri Jan 03 2014, 05:24pm
Joined: Apr 03 2010
Member No: #81
Location: South East
The one thing missing from this thread was an official announcement from Citroen; I searched high and low and found nothing. Therefore I e-mailed Citroen directly and received the following reply:

I have checked with our Head Office Product Team, and have not had this information confirmed.

So currently, as far as I have been made aware by our Head Office team – Citroën are still manufacturing hydraulic vehicles.

So Citroen will be making hydraulic cars at least for the foreseeable future.
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 blackhatphil (25 January 2014)
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