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[moved] Telephone in C6

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Sun Nov 24 2013, 12:42am
Joined: Sep 30 2012
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Location: Bonn
My German Telekom iPhone contract includes a second SIM free of charge which is in the C6. I love using it to do calls while driving home (110 km/70 mls). I slow down, go to the right lane behind the next lorry, set my cruise to 88 km/h / 55 mph. Very comfortable and, I believe, safe. I have a number of contacts prepared for voice dialling which makes calling easy. If somebody calls me, it is just a press of the button on the wipers lever.

Both car and handset ring at the same time which has the advantage that I can easily add any unknown numbers to the iPhone address book.

Calling somebody who is not in the address book is a bit of a pain. I know it is possible to transfer contacts to the RT4 but since I got more than 1000 I haven't tried yet.
Tue Nov 26 2013, 07:47pm
Joined: Sep 06 2013
Member No: #1423
Location: Co Down, Northern Ireland
Guys, a big thanks you to you all for all your help. I got a sim today and installed it and it's working a treat. This is a great site and I am really enjoying all the help for you all and thoroughly enjoying my C6.

Tue Nov 26 2013, 08:04pm
Joined: Aug 11 2012
Member No: #986
Location: Sydney
I've tried two approaches.

1. Like everyone else, bought a second pre-paid SIM card for the C6 and I forward my iPhone to that number whenever I'm in the car.

2. I also ordered from eBay an adapter that fits into the C6's SIM card tray so you can put in the smaller iPhone 4 SIM card and still have it work.

For a while, I liked approach two, despite the fiddliness of having to swap the SIM from phone to car and back all the time. What killed this plan in the end was upgrading from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 (which has a micro SIM card).

After ordering again from eBay to acquire the even smaller micro SIM adapter, I found the tolerances were just not accurate enough and it takes way too long to get the micro SIM perfectly positioned in the C6's SIM tray and inserted into the dash board.

So now I just forward the phone to the separate pre-paid SIM card. Oh, an occasionally, I remove the SIM from my company supplied 'dongle' that gives me WiFi mobile access to the internet and use it when I'll be making long calls from the car that I'd prefer the company pays for.
Mon May 09 2016, 10:45am
Joined: Apr 03 2016
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Location: Kildare
Sorry to bump an old thread but I suppose its better than starting a new one?

I have recently purchased a 2008 2.7 Exclusive model and the previous owner did the same as mentioned here....put another sim into the car and transfer the calls to it.

When I ring someone from the car system it's perfect (they hear me and I can hear them perfectly). However if someone rings me and the call is transferred to the sim in the car I cannot hear them at all even though they can hear me.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?
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