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6 month report - 2008 Exc 2.7

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Fri Sep 06 2013, 01:19pm
Joined: Oct 24 2012
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So - have been proud owner for 6 months now (covering 5K miles). Will share my experiences.

Bought it, sight unseen, from a Citroen dealer, about 100 miles away from me. Came with a year's warranty. Dealer delivered to my house. Not totally convinced about the quality of the Citroen Assured pre-sale check (see below)... but no way I would have bought sight unseen without the warranty. I'd only ever previously driven a C6 6 years ago, (a 2.2 Manual) so it was a leap in the dark!

On delivery a couple of (nice surprises). 1: It had the lounge pack (not advertised when I bought it), and 2: had full privacy glass in the rear (both rear doors and the rear curved windscreen). The privacy glass took some getting used to as does give the car a different look than the one I was expecting, but really have come to like it.

When first hunting for a C6, I was looking for blue with cream interior, so my black'n'cream came close. Still deep-down harbour a desire for the blue (which I think is the real deal) or red. But happy with what I got.

Overall: Car running beautifully currently, no niggles, all electrics work lovely, with a smooth ride. Looks the business when cleaned and waxed up.

Since I took ownership have done the following:

After 1 months did a mini-service at Citroen, just to be on the safe-side. (About £100).

New Battery. CD got stuck in some form of loop, which drained the battery, car wouldn't start. AA called out (under the Citroen Assist 12 month Warranty) who advised that Battery dead, and won't recover. On advice from forum members, didn't scrimp on the replacement, and got a Citroen battery fitted at dealer. (£199 inc vat / fitting).

Front suspension arms: had noticed a clunking feeling on setting off/ braking when I took receipt of the car. Had these replaced under warranty. (Totally fixed the issue). Had heard that at around 60k-70k miles these can be an issue, but disappointing that these were not picked-up as part of the pre-inspection used Citroen check. (Think this would have cost c.£550).

Front windscreen plastic side-seals. Were not aesthetically in great shape (stone chips / botched windscreen replacement??): sourced replacements from Citroen (about £100 plus VAT the pair), as well cleaning up the top windscreen seal.

Previous owner had clearly worn rings, as the driver door handle paint was chipped/ wearing. Had this repainted by the supplying dealer under goodwill. (About £100 cost).

Telephone: Annoying there is no bluetooth: but have inserted a VF PAYG SIM and divert my android phone (using a great one touch app called "Simple Call Forwarding"). And I text people to call me back when traveling in the car!

Music: Have painfully loaded up CDs to the hard-drive. Takes about 30 mins end to end for each CD. And occasionally it fails to load up all the tracks. A little painful to say the least, as is the process of entering Album details! But playback works fine. The car actually came with over 50 CDs already loaded, however, all heavy metal - and not to my taste. So wiped them all (very easy) and started again.

Boot: bought a fitted boot protector to protect the boot carpet from the same company I bought replacement mats from. Almost a perfect fit, however... as I have the lounge pack, the boot is a slightly smaller shape to the standard version - it's not a 100% snug fit. But close.

Car Tax: Have had to renew car tax, as came with only 6 months. A bit of a gulp to realise it's over £400 per year! Wow... .

Summary: now in great physical and aesthetic shape - and I look at it (and touch wood) think can't get any better than this! I don't drive it hard, it gets 2 motorway trips of 25 miles a day, 5 days a week, and the full weekend off! So am hoping that I get the balance of the warranty free of any issues. Will take it for a 12 month service & MOT at Citroen, prior to warranty expiry to tease out any issues to resolve under warranty.

As a final footnote - love the C6 forum, and Dave's advice .. A must for any C6 owner.
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 cruiserphil (07 September 2013)
Fri Sep 06 2013, 03:00pm

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Valleybuoy wrote ...

Summary: now in great physical and aesthetic shape - and I look at it (and touch wood) think can't get any better than this!

Hope that's not the 'Mokunto African wood appliqué' on the dash etc.

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